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About Engagement

Faculty Scholars' Projects



Voices in the Field: Perspectives on the Food System

 Joanne BurkeMolecular, Cellular & Biomedical SciencesClinical Assistant ProfessorCOLSA

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Lodging Forecasting Using an Executive Sentiment Index

 Raymond GoodmanHospitality ManagementProfessor/ChairpersonWSBE

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Engaging Partners to Explore Disability and Access to Primary Health Care

 Joan HahnNursingAssociate ProfessorCHHS

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Advancing Science: Analytical Equipment Training and Loan Program for Teachers

 Stephen HaleThe Leitzel CenterResearch AssociateCEPS/COLA

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Communities and Forests: Linked Drivers of Landscape Change in Wallowa County, Oregon

 Joel HartterGeography
Natural Resources & the Environment
Assistant Professor
Affiliate Assistant Professor

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First Nation, Lasting Nation: Community/University Partnerships in Indigenous New England

 Meghan Howey
Siobhan Senier
(joint project)

English/ Native American
Studies Specialist
Assistant Professor

Associate Professor


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Addressing the Business Needs of Non-Profits through the Help of the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Program

 Kelly KilcreaseSocial Sciences DivisionAssistant Professor & Coordinator of the Business ProgramUNH Manchester

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Addressing Community Needs While Building Social Capital and Improving Organizational Wellness Through the Warmth from the Millyard Initiative

 Ginger LeverCollege RelationsDirector of Marketing & Public Relations UNH Manchester

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Teaching Remote Sensing and Tropical Forest

 Michael PalaceComplex Systems Research CenterResearch Assistant

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Expanding Winter Availability of Locally-Grown Vegetables in New England

 Rebecca (Becky) SidemanBiological SciencesExtension Associate Professor & Sustainable Horticulture Production Specialist COLSA

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New England Cottontail Recovery in Southeastern New Hampshire

 Matthew TarrNatural Resources & The EnvironmentExtension Associate Professor & Forestry and Wildlife SpecialistCOLSA

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International Franchise Expansion Index

 El-Hachemi AlioucheHospitality ManagementAssociate ProfessorWSBE

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Communicating Sustainability at the University of New Hampshire

 Sara CleavesOffice of SustainabilityAssociate Director 

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A Study of Community-Based Projects for Children, Youth and Families At Risk (CYFAR): defining effective management practices leading to desired outcomes and sustainability

 Paula Gregory4-H Youth & FamiliesExtension SpecialistUNH Cooperative Extension

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 Paul HarveyManagementAssistant ProfessorWSBE

Sustainable Use of Rural Woodlands in Zimbabwe

 Erik HobbieComplex Systems Research CenterResearch Associate ProfessorEOS/COLSA

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Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Production Greenhouse Energy Audits and Renewable Energy System Analyses for New Hampshire

 Brian KrugFloricultureExtension SpecialistUNH Cooperative Extension

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Report is forthcoming

 Richard LammersComplex Systems Research CenterResearch Assistant ProfessorEOS/COLSA

Developing Leadership Capacity in a Non-Profit Organization

 Anthony (Tuck) PescosolidoManagementAssistant ProfessorWSBE

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Social Interaction as a Focus in Community Health Programs

 Doug SimmonsOccupational TherapyExtension Associate Professor/SpecialistCHHS

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Manchester Area Community Indicators Website

 Mica StarkCarsey InstituteOutreach & Engagement DirectorCOLA

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Establishing a Network of Chemical Professionals in New Hampshire

 Sterling TomelliniChemistryProfessorCEPS

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Report is forthcoming

 Stacy VanDeveerPolitical SciencePolitical ScienceCOLA

Seacoast Youth Services: Building & Sustaining a Positive Youth Development Center

 Rick Alleva4-H Youth DevelopmentExtension EducatorUNH Cooperative Extension

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Environmental Sciences Teacher Training Program in Central America

 Serita FreyDepartment of Natural ResourcesAssociate ProfessorCOLSA

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Inside-Out – GeoAdventures from Science Centers to Watersheds

 J. Ruairidh (Ru) MorrisonOcean Process Analysis LabResearch Assistant ProfessorEOS

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The Redevelopment of the Mill Plaza

 Neil NimanDepartment of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorWSBE

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Changing Homeowner’s Lawn Care Behavior to Reduce Nutrient Inputs in Urbanizing Watersheds

 Julia PetersonWater Quality/NH Sea GrantExtension ProfessorUNH Cooperative Extension/COLSA

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Building a Student Scholarship Program in the STEM Disciplines at UNH Manchester

 Mihaela SabinDivision of Science and TechnologyAssistant ProfessorUNH-Manchester

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Building a PicturePost Network to take Citizen Science to a New Level

 Annette SchlossComplex Systems Research CenterResearch ScientistEOS

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The Family Education Collaborative

 Malcolm SmithFamily Life and Family Policy and Department of Family StudiesExtension Associate ProfessorUNH Cooperative Extension/CHHS

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The Long-Term Needs of Adults with Acquired Brain Injury through Community-Based Clubhouse Programming

 Michael FraasCommunication Sciences and DisordersAssistant ProfessorCHHS

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Perceptions and Understanding of Literacy

 Kim FriesEducationAssistant ProfessorCOLA

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Development and Transfer of Fishing Technologies to Increase Size Selectivity in the Northern Shrimp Fishery

 Ken LaValleyWater ResourcesExtension Specialist
Commercial Fisheries Technician
UNH Cooperative Extension
 Pingguo HeOcean Process Analysis LabResearch Associate ProfessorEOS/UNH Cooperative Extension

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Marine Debris from Land to Sea: Holistic Characterization, Reduction and Education Efforts in New Hampshire

 Jenna JambeckCivil Engineering & Environmental Research GroupResearch Assistant ProfessorCEPS

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Promotion of a New UNH Sediment Remediation Technology

 Jeffrey MeltonCivil EngineeringResearch Assistant ProfessorCEPS

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Center for Community Engagement

 Patrice MettauerCommunication ArtsSenior LecturerUNH Manchester

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Assessing Young Adult Health Risk

 Jesse MorrellAnimal and Nutritional SciencesLecturerCOLSA

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Child Advocacy Center Long Distance Training Academy Extending Child Advocacy Training to Allied Professional Communities

 Charles PutnamPolitical ScienceResearch Associate ProfessorCOLA

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“Let’s Make Wine: Where Do We Go From Here?”

 Udo SchlentrichHospitality ManagementWilliam Rosenberg ProfessorWSBE
  Rosenberg International Center of FranchisingDirector 

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Collaborating with New England Science Centers to Promote Place-based Climate Education

 Ruth VarnerClimate Change Research CenterResearch Assistant ProfessorEOS

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Helping Older Adults to Identify and Select Whole Grain Foods

 Catherine VioletteAnimal and Nutritional SciencesExtension ProfessorCOLSA/UNH Cooperative Extension

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Ocean Science as a Context for Addressing Science Standards

 Mark WileyMarine Science EducationExtension SpecialistUNH Cooperative Extension

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Establishing an Oyster Shell Recycling Program in New Hampshire

 Kenneth LaValleyWater Resources
 Raymond GrizzleJackson Estuarine Lab
 Jennifer GreeneZoology

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Test Model of a Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Program with UNH Cooperative Extension

 Anthony TagliaferroAnimal & Nutritional Sciences
 Collette Janson-Sand 
 Jorie Allen 

Eliminating Child Labour in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Era of the AIDS Epidemic (A Case Study of Iringa Region in Tanzania)

 Joe LugallaAnthropology
 Huruma Sigalla 
 Phillotheous Njuyuwi 

Sexual Assault in New Hampshire: Prevalence, Context and Consequences

 Victoria BanyardPsychology
 Sharyn PotterSociology
 David LaFlammeRecreation Management

Investigating Outcome Efficacy of a Community Based Program for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

 Michael FraasCommunication Sciences & Disorders
 Doug SimmonsOccupational Therapy
 Patricia CraigRecreation Management

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Impact Assessment of Girls Connect Workshops

 Brad KinseyMechanical Engineering
 Erin Santini BellCivil Engineering
 Michael MiddletonEducation

Urban High School to College Collaboration

 Walter AldermanBusinessLecturerUNH - Manchester

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Build-able Bridges

 Erin Santini BellCivil EngineeringAssistant ProfessorCEPS

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NH Community Youth Asset Mapping (CYM)

 Charlotte Cross4-H Youth DevelopmentExtension Professor/SpecialistUNH Cooperative Specialist

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Building Emotionally Competent Teams

 Vanessa DruskatManagementAssociate ProfessorWSBE

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Test Model of a Healthy Lifestyle, Intervention Program with Cooperative Extension

 Colette Janson-SandAnimal and Nutritional ScienceAssociate ProfessorCOLSA
 Anthony TagliaferroAnimal and Nutritional ScienceProfessorCOLSA

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Measuring Effectiveness of Bringing Financial Management Education to the Desktop

 Suzann Enzian KnightFamily Resource ManagementExtension SpecialistUNH Cooperative Extension

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Improving Societal Literacy Concerning Climate Change, the Carbon Cycle and the Role Played by Forests

 Scott OllingerNatural ResourcesAssistant ProfessorEOS

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 Alison PagliaPsychologyAssociate ProfessorUNH - Manchester

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Behind the Blue Curtain: Managing Reputation and Identity with Citizen Police Academies

 Richard SaavedraManagementAssociate ProfessorWSBE

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Connecting UNH Business Resources with New Hampshire’s Forest Industry

 Sarah SmithForestry and WildlifeExtension Professor and SpecialistCooperative Extension

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The Impact of Early Involvement in Outreach Scholarship on Students' Achievement and Motivation in STEM Disciplines

 George HurttNatural Resources
 David BurdickPhysics
 Vania JordanovaMechanical Engineering
 Michael MiddletonEducation

Imagination Quest Implementation Research and Planning

 Raina AmesTheatre & Dance

Musical Celebration of the Tercentenary of Benjamin Franklin

 Christopher KiesMusic

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Center for New Hampshire Food Security

 Joanne BurkeAnimal & Nutritional Sciences
 Juli BrussellCooperative Extension
 Tom KellyOffice of Sustainability

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Beginning Commercialization of Rainbow Smelt

 JJ Newman RodeSea Grant - Aquaculture

Expansion of the NH Historic Map Digital Collection to Meet the Needs of Researchers, Practitioners and Citizens

 Thelma ThompsonGovernment Documents
 Christina BellingerCatalog Librarian
 Fay RubinComplex Systems Research Center

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Adolescents in New Hampshire's Foster Care System

 Melissa WellsSocial Work

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The Girls' Health Data Project "Girls Speak Up" - Conversations with Young Women About Critical Issues in Their Lives

  Kristine Baber Family Studies

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Developing New Hampshire's Volunteer Youth Sport Coaches: Toward a State-wide Coaching Education Program

 Robert BarcelonaRecreation Management
 Karen CollinsKinesiology
 Heather Barber 

Improving Post-Hospital Home Medication Management among Older Adults with Cardiac Disease: A Pilot Study

 Janice FoustNursing


Evaluating Marital Mediation in the New Hampshire Courts

 Mary BanachSocial Work


Motor Fuel Taxation as a Policy Tool to Improve Environment Quality and Reduce Poverty in New England

 Richard EnglandEconomics

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The Girls Health Project

 Kristine BaberFamily StudiesAssociate ProfessorSHHS

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Discovery Course Creation

 David BurdickNatural ResourcesResearch Associate ProfessorCOLSA/Marine Program
 Charlie FrenchCooperative Extension/Resource Economics and DevelopmentExtension Assistant ProfessorCooperative Extension
 Vania JordanovaPhysics/EOSResearch Associate ProfessorCEPS
 George HurttNatural Resources/EOSResearch Assistant ProfessorCOLSA
 Brad KinseyMechanical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorCEPS
 Jeffrey SchlossZoology/Cooperative ExtensionExtension Associate ProfessorCooperative Extension
 Michael MiddletonEducationAssistant ProfessorCOLA

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Obesity in New Hampshire

 Sharyn PotterSociologyAssociate ProfessorCOLA
 Ross GittellManagementProfessorWSBE
 Barry RockEOS/Natural ResourcesProfessorCOLSA

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Distance Learning in Outreach and Outreach Scholarship

 Kent ChamerlinElectrical EngineeringProfessorCEPS

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Evaluation of Dairy Management Outreach Scholarship

 Peter EricksonDairy Cattle ManagementAssociate ProfessorCOLSA

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Outreach to the Classrooms

 Yeping LiMathematicsAssistant ProfessorCEPS

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The Art of Classroom Teaching

 Judith RobbEducationAssociate ProfessorCOLA

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An Assessment of Outcomes of a Business/University Partnership: The Case of the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company and UNH's Tourism Planning and Development Program

 Rob RobertsonResource Economics and DevelopmentAssociate ProfessorCOLSA

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Fisheries in the Public

 Jeffrey RungeEOS/OPALResearch ProfessorMarine Program

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Strafford County Homemakers Strategic Planning

 Christine SheaDecision SciencesAssociate ProfessorWSBE

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The Creation of a New Discovery Mathematics Course

 Richard ZangMathematicsAssociate ProfessorUNHM

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A Collaboration between UNH and NAMA (Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance) for the application of coastal ocean observing science to the conservation and stewardship of the Gulf of Maine inshore fisheries

 Jeffrey RungeOcean Process Analysis Lab
 Craig Pendleton 

Piscataqua Oral History Project: Becoming American/Maintaining Identity

 David WattersCenter for New England Culture
 Thad Gulbrandsen 

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An Integrated Information System for the Raymond Rockingham Community Action Program

 Theophanis StratopoulosDecision Sciences

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Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement

 Jo Sias DanielCivil Engineering

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Evaluating the Multidisciplinary Response to Child Abuse in Rockingham County

 Theodore CrossFamily Research Lab


Worm Watch: Global Biodiversity - a research program exposing young future scientists to the world of nematodes

 W. Kelly ThomasThe Leitzel Center
 Charles Warren


The Coalition for Social Justice & Racial Diversity

 Paula SalvioEducation

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Stormwater Technology Demonstration and Seminar

 Tom BallesteroCivil Engineering
 Robert Roseen 

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Internet-based Plant Nutrition Training Module for Horticulture

 Paul FisherPlant Biology