Permaculture Farming and Healing Arts Apprenticeship

Jasper, Indiana
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 (All day)
Company Name: 
The Ecovillage

The Ecovillage operates both an urban permaculture garden and also a rural market vegetable farm. Our apprenticeship program is centered around permaculture gardening and organic farming and is for those who are committed to their education in these areas. We balance this farm work with the healing arts, which includes mentoring, massage and healing arts, yoga, and group process. We operate according to environmentally sustainable farming practices and also within a model that promotes personal sustainability and health. There are also options to study small business and sustainable living skills. We have three 2.5 months sessions from spring to fall each year and an option to apprentice for the entire growing season (sometimes we have opportunities to intern for shorter periods - please inquire). Please see our website for more info.