Advising and Registration

In order to ensure a timely graduation and to best take advantage of the opportunities available, it is highly recommended that IA students meet with our advisors for a plan of study appointment, at least once a semester.

During the plan of study appointment, an IA advisor works with each student to map out (and revise as necessary) a course plan that includes the IA core and electives, Discovery or general education requirements, and primary major requirements—including a minimum of eight weeks international course work or internship.

It is recommended that students check in with their primary major advisor before they schedule with IA.

Meet our IA Advisors:

Catherine D'Auteuil

Catherine D'Auteuil
Coordinator of Student Programs

Study abroad & academic advising

Advising Hours:
  Monday:   1:00-3:00 
  Tuesday:  9:00-11:00
  Wednesday:  1:00-3:00
  Thursday:  9:00-11:00

Molly Wallace

Molly Wallace, Ph.D.
Int'l Affairs Faculty/
Hood House Lecturer

Academic advising only

  Advising Hours:
 Will resume in fall semester 2015


Jennifer Purrenhage

Jennifer Purrenhage, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Environmental
Conservation & Sustainability

Academic advising only
Friday:  11:00-3:00

The Center for International Education coordinates the registration for the IA program. For questions about the program, to sign up for core IA core courses or to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact:

Mindy McMahon

Mindy McMahon
Center and Program Assistant

tel. 603-862-3721