Issues and Ice Cream Series Continues Oct. 9 with the $64,000 Question

Issues and Ice Cream Series Continues Oct. 9 with the $64,000 Question

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Despite an improving economy, many individuals and families in New Hampshire face complicated financial decisions, high debt, low savings, and uncertainty. What is the role of financial education and community collaborations in strengthening financial stability? 

The Issues & Ice Cream discussion series sponsored by Cooperative Extension returns Oct. 9 at 12:30 p.m. in MUB rooms 338-340. Panelists will discuss the need for better financial education and potential community partnerships.

“In New Hampshire, we see individuals and families facing financial hardship for a variety of reasons, or they are working to change past habits,” says Cooperative Extension youth and family field specialist Sharon Cowen, one of the speakers. “Others are just starting out and want to ensure a good solid financial foundation for their future.” 

UNH Cooperative Extension collaborates with agencies and coalitions to provide educational resources to individuals and families so they can make informed financial choices for themselves. “In this Issues and Ice Cream, we will share what we are doing with the UNH community and explore additional ideas for collaboration,” Cowen said.

According to the Council for Economic Education‘s Survey of the States, student loan debt in this country currently exceeds national credit card debt. Seventy-five percent of college students with credit cards don’t know about late payment fees, and more Americans filed for bankruptcy than graduated from college in 2010.

In addition to Cowen, featured speakers include Extension field specialists Gail Kennedy, Sue Cagle, and Thom Linehan, Barb Wauchope from The Carsey Institute, and Kristi White from More Than Wheels. 

Join us to discuss how the UNH community is addressing issues of financial literacy and stability and explore how UNH can respond to these challenges with like-minded UNH faculty, staff, students, UNH Cooperative Extension specialists, and community and state partners. 

Ice cream will be served. 

Issues and Ice Cream is a monthly discussion series where UNH and UNH Cooperative Extension faculty, specialists, students and special guests come together to discuss pertinent topics and opportunities for collaboration. 

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