Training for Caregivers

This page provides information for prospective and currently licensed foster and kinship caregivers on required training for initial licensure, as well as ongoing training and continuing education opportunities for re-licensure.

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Are you interested in exploring what it means to be a NH DCYF caregiver? If you would like to learn how to become a NH DCYF caregiver, you can attend an informational session hosted by the DCYF Foster Care Program. These sessions provide an overview of foster care. To learn more,

Register for an Informational Session

Once your application is reviewed, and the required criteria is met, you will be invited to register for the NH DCYF Caregiver Pre-Service Training  or the NH DCYF Kinship Caregiver Training. Your Home Study Practitioner and/or Caregiver Coordinator will provide you with the appropriate course to register for your initial training. To learn more about the specific trainings offered, please select the appropriate button below:

NH DCYF Caregiver Pre-Service Training

NH DCYF Kinship Caregiver Training




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Are you currently a licensed caregiver looking to continue learning and receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? The Child Welfare Education Partnership (CWEP) offers competency-based training for caregivers to enhance the quality of care for children living outside of their own homes. These courses are designed to meet the requirements for caregiver re-licensure, emergency foster care, specialized care, and for DCYF and DJJS employee development. These courses are made available through federal and state funding and are available at NO COST for those eligible to participate.

Right Time Trainings that are made available through the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative.
To access these trainings, you will be asked to register for an account with CapLEARN. These trainings are each approximately one hour in length and available to you at any time.

Right Time Training (available 24/7)

Caregiver Ongoing Training (COT) courses are instructor led and asynchronous, meaning your course is online and accessible to you 24/7 during the time that the course is running. To receive the best learning experience, we encourage you to review the course schedule and enroll for those times that you are able to commit to participating in your course a little bit every day/night or at least every other day/night. 

Caregiver Ongoing Training details and Schedule