Ted Talks

Aggression and Anger

Why We Get Mad and Why Its Healthy 12.56 min

Anger is a healthy emotion in our lives, but we need to learn how to regulate it and not respond physically. Allow yourself to acknowledge your anger, understand why you are angry and channel those emotions to create something positive.


The Power of a Woman’s Anger 11.30 min

Anger is a strong emotion even for women. Women are often taught that their anger is to be kept at bay but Ms. Chemaly offers a way to use that anger for change.

Communication, Engagement, and Active Listening

Own your Behaviors, Master your Communication, Determine your Success 18.30 min

Our behavior determines our success through our attitude. If we understand how to change our attitude during certain circumstances, we can change our behavior to be positive and happier in any situation.

Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a Better Conversation. 11.45 min

Technology has replaced intimate face-to-face communication and, as a result, we are easily misunderstood. When we communicate in person, we should listen before responding and be brief and to the point. 

Domestic Violence

Why Domestic Victims of Violence Don’t Leave 16.00 min

Domestic violence happens to all ages and social circles. Many victims feel helpless to leave and the abuse continues because the victim keeps the abuse secret. To help victims, we need to break the silence and show them a safe way to leave their abuser, so they feel safe in their own homes.

Why I stayed – Why I left. 18.49 min

The cycle of emotional and physical abuse allows an abuser to manipulate a victim by making them feel useless and unworthy of true love. If we build on a victim’s self-esteem, it gives them a chance to stop the cycle of abuse and realize it is not their fault.

Childhood Trauma

Understanding Childhood Trauma and Abuse 7.10 min

When trauma and abuse happen to children, the parents and/or caregivers become uncomfortable and create a dark family secret.  If we encourage communication, children will learn to speak up and understand their feelings are worth expressing.

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across the Lifetime 16.03 min

Children exposed to abuse and neglect in their childhood affects their overall health throughout their entire lives. We need to realize it is treatable and work with properly trained physicians to lower the health risks caused by childhood trauma.

How Do We Stop Childhood Adversity from Becoming a Life Sentence 15.52 min

When children are neglected or abused, they grow up with a higher risk for disease and mental health issues. If we recognize our ability to combat the health risks childhood adversity creates, we realize it does not have to be a life sentence. We have the knowledge and power to create a safer world for children to grow up healthy and loved.

Breaking the Silence About Childhood Trauma 12.15 min

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) not only happens with the military but neglected and abused children also experience PTSD. We can help children cope by being an ally and sharing our own stories to create a safe environment for children of trauma.

Human Trafficking

I Was Sex Trafficked for Years, Brothels are Hiding in Plain Sight 17.06 min

Sex traffickers target young, naive women with low self-esteem so they can be mentally manipulated to believe their abusers are their protectors. These victims lose their mental freedom to choose their own life. Until someone shows them they are worthy of true love, they will continue to be drawn into a world they never would have chosen freely.

Sex Trafficking in the U.S.: Young Lives, Insane Profit 14.33 min

Over 300 thousand children are victims of sex trafficking in America. We need to stop being silent because silence allows trafficking to continue. Educate yourself, report any suspicious activity and be the voice for those held captive through mental manipulation.

How To Spot Human Trafficking 12.10 min

Human trafficking is a profitable business and is more prevalent than we realize. Some victims continue to live normal lives in public view, so we need to be trained to understand what we see and witness. Ask questions and seek help of educated professionals.

The Face of Human Trafficking 15.55 min

Understand the life of a young victim after her pimp is arrested and she shares her horrific story in court.


What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience 14.21 min

Victims of childhood trauma can start to recover by acknowledging they are the victim and sharing their traumatic experience to help others recover.


Change Your Brain and Resilience. 17.58 min

Our behavior, good and bad, is driven by attitude so if we improve our attitude, our behavior to certain situations also improves.

The ABCs of Resilience. 14.04 min

Good and bad things happen to everyone. How we respond to the bad things shapes our happiness. We need to learn how to change our thinking to move forward.

Resilience: How to Emerge from Your Tragedies Stronger 14.03 min

When we learn from our tragedies and share with others, we grow stronger.

A Trauma Informed Approach

The Paradox of Trauma-Informed Care 12.22 min

One of the most extreme public health risks in America is childhood trauma. Seeking new healthy relationships and a connection with the community helps with the healing process.

How Trauma-Informed Care Saved My Life 11.15 min

Childhood trauma can lead to many emotional struggles later in life. Follow a woman’s journey to overcome childhood trauma with the assistance of trauma-informed care.

Substance Misuse

Addiction is a disease. We should treat it like one 10.32 min

“Public policy was being held hostage by stigma and fear, and also held hostage were compassion, care, research, recovery, and treatment” (Botticelli, 2016).

Everything you know about addiction is wrong 14.28 min

It was always believed that addiction was just the physiological hook of the substance but in reality it is the environment. It’s not the love of the drug, it is the love of the bonding, habit, and environment.


Fifty Shades of Gay 17.59 min

This TedTalk describes the way people are placed into buckets but these buckets do not necessarily describe a person as a whole. “Human beings are not one dimensional” (Wright, 2012). Io Tillett Wright’s photographic journey of people who do not identify as 100% straight, as it turns out, there are many shades of gay. She challenges everyone to look at each of the faces and tell them that they deserve less than anyone else.

This is What LGBT Life is Like Around the World 11.38 min

Inspiring stories of courage, resilience, and proud members of the LGBTQI+ community around the world.