Division for Children, Youth, and Families Acronym List

A-Z list of commonly used DCYF acronyms

A Kid’s Guide to Staying Safe Online

This free workbook from explains Internet safety for children. 
A kid’s guide to staying safe online - Why do we put our safety first when we are online? The internet is a wonderful place to talk to friends and family or learn more about what we are interested in. On the other hand, the internet also has its risks if we don’t use it the right way.

For more information about Internet safety, please visit the All Connect website blog
 Keep your kids safe online: Internet safety at school and home

Trauma Resources

The following videos highlight a DCYF case involving trauma as it unfolds. Each segment represents the perspective of different stakeholders. These videos are intended to be used as learning tools, providing information about why trauma informed care is essential when working with children in care.