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Ken Roberge judging maple syrup for clarity

Sugarmaking Season

UNH Cooperative Extension field specialist Steve Roberge  Steve Roberge says that equating real maple syrup to store-bought is like comparing apples and oranges. Or more aptly, tree sap and corn syrup. Those who have tasted both will likely agree. Depending on the weather, the sugarmaking season in... Read More
Amy Papineau of UNH Cooperative Extension
Amy Papineau '04 has been selected as UNH Cooperative Extension’s food and agriculture program team leader. Read More
6 Tips for a Great Garden This Year
Seed catalogs are now showing up in mailboxes, assuring us that spring is not too far away. At UNH Cooperative Extension's Education Center and Info... Read More
dairy cows at a farm in New Hampshire
In early December, New Hampshire’s Dairy Farmers Task Force voted 5-1 to propose a dairy producer relief program during the 2017 legislative session. Read More

Recent Stories

  • the downtown areas of Littleton and Rochester NH
    - A Town Wants Visitor Feedback? There’s an App for That
    UNH Cooperative Extension has developed an app to help communities solicit impressions about their downtown areas and analyze the feedback gleaned.  Read More
  • Karen Bennett
    - The Binding Thread of Forestry
    Karen P. Bennett, of UNH Cooperative Extension and the department of natural resources and the environment in the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, received the 2016... Read More
  • figures forming a bridge illustration by Anthony Freda
    - Building Bridges
    When Chris Misavage, a middle school math and science teacher, took a job at Wentworth Elementary in rural northern New Hampshire, the community was in crisis. The school’s... Read More
  • STEM docent Eric Swanson works with student.
    - STEM Docent Program Gets Rolling
    “We’re out of glue again,” a student yells from across the room in Manchester’s Hillside Middle School library. He holds an empty hot glue gun in one hand and a small square of... Read More
  • UNH's Becky Sideman
    - Growing Produce in a Desert
    UNH's Becky Sideman discusses a new desert-based agricultural system in use in Australia. Read More
  • farmers market produce
    - Extension Team Awarded Funding for Produce Safety Project
    The grant-funded work is scheduled to begin January 2017 and will last approximately two years. Read More
  • UNH research and extension assistant professor John Gunn
    - Meet John Gunn
    The department of natural resources and the environment has welcomed John Gunn as a research and extension assistant professor of forest management. Read More
  • Marra MacMillan, Sydney Deblois-Hill and Olivia Krug
    - Aptitude for Discovery
    On a sunny summer morning at Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire, 17 middle school girls click away at their computer keyboards. Read More
  • dry stream bed with scientific sensor in the middle
    - Parched
    Some researchers at UNH have found the record drought has changed the way they can conduct research. Read More
  • STEM Docents Training at Piscataquog River in Manchester
    - STEM Sell
    After an unbroken string of unusually hot, dry days, the skies finally opened on Wednesday, Aug. 10, drenching the 12 STEM docents who had gathered at the Piscataquog River in... Read More