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UNH graduate student Abigail D'Ambrosia holding excavation tools
More than 50 million years ago, when the Earth experienced a series of extreme global warming events, early mammals responded by shrinking in size. Read More
Trappist solar system
“Astronomy compels the soul to look upward and leads us from this world to another.”       —Plato, The Republic, 342 BCE Last week, when NASA... Read More

Recent Stories

  • UNH student Sarah Jakositz '18
    - Outstanding Opportunities
    Sarah Jakositz ’18 has been immersed in myriad opportunities on campus as a UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences student. Read More
  • a black hole eating a dying star
    - Feeding Frenzy
    A giant black hole ripped apart a nearby star and then continued to feed off its remains for close to a decade, according to research led by UNH. This black hole meal is more than... Read More
  • Kate Haslett in UNH lab
    - UNH Junior Named to ASCE's "New Faces of Engineering"
    Katie Haslett '18 has been named to the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 class of New Faces of Civil Engineering, which highlights the next generation of leaders in the... Read More
  • Yaning Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UNH
    - Get Smart
    UNH researchers have shown for the first time that rotating cells in chiral cellular solids, a foam-like substance, could lead to the creation of a new smart material. Read More
  • Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    - Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    UNH will join more than 100 partners from industry, academia and government in a new Department of Energy institute focused on the reduction of energy and emissions through more... Read More
  • UNH CEPS professor Harish Vashisth
    - A Year in One Day
    CEPS assistant professor Harish Vashisth has been awarded access to world’s fastest supercomputer for biomolecular simulations. Read More
  • Xiaowei Teng, associate professor of chemical engineering
    - Better Batteries
    UNH researchers have developed an alternative energy storage system that could lead to less dangerous and more cost-effective battery technology. Read More
  • UNH student Sean Kramer
    - Secure in His Pursuits
    Sean Kramer ’17 excelled at a global security competition. Read More
  • UNH undergraduate and graduate student
    - UNH Duo Finishes Third at Security Challenge
    For the second straight year, UNH students have finished in the top three at New York University’s Embedded Security Challenge. Read More
  • UNH's Elena Long
    - A Scientist’s Cause
    Elena Long has been recognized by Nature magazine as one of "Nature's 10," 10 people who have mattered in 2016. Read More