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  • Hannah Hamalainen, UNH Assistant Professor, Dimond Library
    - Meet UNH's New Faculty
    UNH has welcomed a diverse group of scholars and researchers to its faculty.  Read More
  • Getting Dirty
    - Getting Dirty
    Two major federal grants are supporting UNH research on soils and climate change. Read More
  • Alicia Chevoor at Durham Farmers' Market
    - Sampling a Superfruit
    The Durham Farmers' Market is typically quiet on a rainy afternoon, but on a recent Monday, it was abuzz. Customers were sampling a new fruit: the kiwiberry. That’s right. The... Read More
  • group photo of Ecenter fellows
    - UNH Entrepreneurship Center Announces Faculty Fellows
    The Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) has announced its first ECenter faculty fellows. Read More
  • Sponges on a coral reef
    - Sponges of the Caribbean
    UNH researchers are exploring how sponges, the less charismatic but essential reef neighbors of corals, contribute to overall coral reef health. Read More
  • Researcher Scott Ollinger on a research tower
    - Seeing the Data for the Trees
    Michael Palace, associate professor of Earth and geospatial science, will use his extensive experience with drones on the project.Forests play a major role in regulating the Earth... Read More
  • Great Bay sunrise from the docks of Jackson Lab
    - Estuarine Expertise
    This National Estuaries Week is a fitting time to shine a light on the work of estuary champion David Burdick, interim director of UNH’s Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. Read More
  • UNH research and extension assistant professor John Gunn
    - Meet John Gunn
    The department of natural resources and the environment has welcomed John Gunn as a research and extension assistant professor of forest management. Read More
  • UNH graduate student Henry Herndon
    - Stars in Their Fields
    Water. Energy. Sustainability. They’re in the headlines almost every week — and addressing these global issues is the basis for award-winning research by UNH graduate students. In... Read More
  • dry stream bed with scientific sensor in the middle
    - Parched
    Some researchers at UNH have found the record drought has changed the way they can conduct research. Read More