College of Life Sciences & Agriculture

UNH graduate Rachel Sabol '17

Bio Brain

When you talk with Rachel Sabol ’17 about her scholarly work, it’s as if she’s been in bioresearch for years. Read More
a desert environment
UNH researchers say cactus mice could teach humans something about surviving severe dehydration. Read More
Olivia Bartlett, a UNH doctoral candidate and Switzer fellow
Olivia Bartlett is the latest UNH student to receive a sought-after Switzer Environmental Fellowship. Read More

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    - A Deep Dive on a Keystone Species
    Watch how UNH professor Win Watson and graduate student Meghan Owings are helping save horseshoe crabs. Read More
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    - Four Graduates in Four Countries
    Four recent graduates of UNH will be abroad this fall studying, teaching and conducting research through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Read More
  • TunnelBerries strawberry research project at the UNH Woodman Horticultural Research Farm in Durham, NH
    - Strawberries in November
    UNH researchers have succeeded in quadrupling the length of the Granite State’s strawberry growing season. Read More
  • A Rare Experiment
    - A Rare Experiment
    UNH researchers have launched a multiyear project to investigate the effects of drought on Northeast forests. Read More
  • Thompson Hall at UNH from the front
    - CoRE Strength
    “Universities have departments but the world has problems,” goes the old adage. UNH’s new annual Collaborative Research Excellence (CoRE) initiative, supported by the Office of... Read More
  • Alana Davidson
    - Meal Plan
    Alana Davidson’s emails end with this quote: “For now I ask no more than the justice of eating.” It’s from Pablo Neruda’s “The Great Tablecloth,” a poem that describes the pain... Read More
  • UNH professor Scott Ollinger
    - On High with Scott Ollinger
    Scott Ollinger, professor of ecosystem ecology, understands our changing climate by studying the forests AND the trees.  Read More
  • A UNH student at work in the field
    - UNH in the Top 10
    UNH is one of the top places in the United States to study natural resources and conservation. Read More
  • UNH graduate Anna Gruen
    - Finding Her Success
    During a recent job interview, a could-be future boss asked Anna Gruen ’17, “Where do you see yourself in 50 years?” Read More
  • UNH's Jasmin Buteau '17
    - From Student to Teacher
    Measuring by miles, Jasmin Buteau ’17 won’t be far from campus in her first year after UNH, but she’ll have to cross some ocean to get there. “I’ve accepted a teaching... Read More