tree branch with buds

Is Spring Getting Longer?

With the first day of spring around the corner, temperatures are beginning to rise, ice is melting and the world around us is starting to blossom. Scientists sometimes refer to this transition from winter to the growing season as the “vernal window,” and a new study led by UNH shows this window may... Read More

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    - Finding Sustainable Solutions
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  • UNH's Impact on New Hampshire Infographic
    - New Hampshire Impact: UNH by the Numbers
    $1.5 billion. That’s the amount UNH contributes to New Hampshire’s economy each year through its expenditures in the state and the cost of educating a highly skilled workforce. It... Read More
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    - Professor with a Porpoise
    Chris Glass wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of the vaquita. The small porpoise is so secretive that it wasn’t discovered as a species until 1958. Plus, there are only... Read More
  • UNH alum Jamie Emery '80 and team
    - Water Wizards
    In 1992, Jamie Emery ’80, president of Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations (EGGI), was retained by the Virginia State Department of Corrections to identify new water... Read More
  •  Bye Waste, Hello Warmth
    - Bye Waste, Hello Warmth
    At UNH’s Organic Dairy Research Farm, UNH researchers have launched an innovative composting program that provides a high-quality compost product and captures the heat energy for... Read More
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    - (Local) Flavors of Fall
    Grilled swordfish with roasted tomatoes, anyone? Or how about lamb sliders? This year's harvest dinner event took "local" to a whole new level.  Read More
  • Jacqueline Gilbert professor Robin Sheriff
  • Flooded road in New Hampshire town
    - The Soggy Truth
    Political ideology is the strongest predictor of survey respondents' perceptions of climate and weather.Since 2005, New Hampshire has experienced an increase in the frequency and... Read More
  • UNH's Becky Sideman
    - Growing Produce in a Desert
    UNH's Becky Sideman discusses a new desert-based agricultural system in use in Australia. Read More
  • T Hall behind the UNH sign
    - Fresh Air
    The Office of Environmental Health and Safety has collaborated with other campus units to develop an indoor air quality management plan. Read More