Two UNH researchers at the Shoals Marine Laboratory

What Taking Care of Terns Tells Us

Each summer, on a small island just off New Hampshire's coast, researchers from the Shoals Marine Laboratory work to save and protect threatened and endangered seabirds called terns. Terns experience more of the globe in their... Read More
Biaxial tester, used in advanced manufacturing
UNH will launch a pilot project in collaboration with New Hampshire’s community colleges and advanced manufacturing partners to address the workforce... Read More
Jacob Withee, bee whisperer
While a graduate student in zoology at UNH, Jacob Withee '16G studied the effects of aggression on the social behavior of Ceratina calcurata,... Read More

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  • UNH student tracking moose in New Hampshire's northern woods
    - Tracking a Troubled Icon
    The iconic moose is in decline. Here's what UNH researchers are doing about it.  Read More
  • abstract sustainability illustration of leaves, eyes, bugs and part of an institution
    - Blue and White and Green All Over
    Take a walk through campus and it’s easy to get lost in UNH’s natural beauty. Tree-lined sidewalks border burbling streams and wander over gently rolling hills and past jutting... Read More
  • an illustration of corn plants growing out of the earth and a plate of food
    - Farm to Future
    When Sarah Jacobson ’07, ’12G returned to UNH in 2009 for a graduate degree in nutrition, she knew she also wanted a more holistic view of food. “The ecogastronomy program really... Read More
  • illustration of buildings against a green circular background
    - A Carbon-Neutral Future
    Ask Cameron Wake to describe UNH’s response to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) and one word comes to mind: aggressive. WildCAP, the university’s climate action plan, is “... Read More
  • UNH student Kathryn Bennett ’18
    - Starting Somewhere
    For Kathryn Bennett ’18, a student in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, an interest in sustainability began at a young age. “I have always been passionate about... Read More
  • illustration of a person presenting research
    - People Power
    Former UNH provost John Aber is a world-renowned expert in natural resources and the environment who today concentrates most of his research in the area of sustainable ecosystem... Read More
  • UNH's Flow Physics Facility Wind Tunnel
    - Win(d)-Win Proposition
    Running 26.2 miles in less than two hours: it’s long been the moonshot of distance running, a feat at the very limits of athletic achievement. When a much-publicized attempt led... Read More
  • illustration of a life preserver with food in it
    - Tackling Student Hunger
    It’s among the most iconic of campus images, the stuff of every prospective college guidebook: groups of students in the dining hall, visiting and relaxing at tables laden with... Read More
  • UNH student Peter Abdu ’17 receives a check for $8000
    - Engaging with Innovation
    In May, six undergraduate students received awards totaling $19,500 — just for participating in idea and innovation activities around UNH’s Durham campus. Peter Abdu ’17, Abby... Read More
  • Large computerized instrument, a sorting flow cytometer
    - Cell Sorter
    Need your cells sorted? The University Instrumentation Center’s new sorting flow cytometer can help. Read More