Stories in Topic: Outreach

  • 06.24.15 - Shoring Up the Shoreline
    UNH project stabilizes Plum Island’s dunes
     Gregg Moore and Alyson Eberhardt from UNH enlisted students from Newburyport's Molin Upper Elementary School in their effort to stabilize the dunes of Plum Island. Few people feel the sea’s power to giveth —and taketh away — more palpably than the
  • 12.16.14 - Code Comfort
    Computer science department brings programming literacy to local kids
    Do you want to build a snowflake? If so, you’ll have to learn some code – but as nearly 40 elementary school children learned Friday afternoon (Dec. 12) at UNH, that’s not so hard.
  • 02.23.12 - Epic
    Singers from UNH and State High Schools Share a Powerful Experience