Stories in Topic: Environment

  • 01.29.15 - In the News: State, UNH Team Up for Green Snow Program
  • 07.09.14 - Extension Enlists Allies to Battle Ash Tree Pest
    Invasive insect threatens to spread across NH
    Emerald ash borer larvae eat away new wood that supports tree growth. The shiny green, half-inch-long bugs on display one recent evening at Canterbury Shaker Village don’t sting or bite or carry a nasty disease, but their mere presence in some stately old ash trees near the village is raising the alarm for landowners, loggers and firewood dealers across the state.
  • 08.23.12 - Hut, Hut, Hike! A Team of Salamanders Tackle the Ecosystem
    Postdoctoral researcher Dan Hocking '03 '12G has been studying red-backed salamanders for the past eight years, and has only seen their eggs in the late stages of development a handful of times. Until recently.