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  • When some of New Hampshire’s most experienced emergency medical technicians (EMTs) first learned about a tough new national exam they are required to pass, more than a few worried that the strong, steady pulse that had defined their careers was about to flat-line.

    “There were a lot of guys who were very stressed out about the test,” says Shawn Riley, deputy fire chief for Laconia, NH and LRGHealthcare, which serves the Lakes Region, “because they realized if they didn’t pass, it meant a lot of them could lose their jobs.”

    Mary Katherine Lockwood Mary Katherine Lockwood, clinical associate professor...

  • Joyce Stone, a lecturer of biomedical science in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, received a 2013 Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.

  • Give the gift that shows you really care—one that promotes healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re stuck for ideas, Healthy UNH presents its Top 10 healthy gift suggestions:


    1. Yoga Kit

      Interested in yoga? This kit includes everything you might need to give it a try from home – a mat, instructional DVD, yoga ball, and more. 

    2. Travel Salad Container...

  • graphic

    Number of new CHINS petitions filed, 2008-2013. Source: Carsey Institute at UNH

    Legislative funding cuts to a New Hampshire program designed to help the state’s troubled youths and help curb delinquent behavior and juvenile offenses resulted in a steep drop in the number of Granite State youths served by the program while reports of child maltreatment increased, according to new research from the Carsey Institute at UNH. The research was supported by New Hampshire Kids Count. 

    “As an independent advocate for child well-being, NH Kids Count recognized the negative effects of changes to the New Hampshire Child in Need of Services (CHINS) program. Some children and...

  • A memorial service will be held on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, at 4 p.m. at the Community Church in Durham. The service will conclude with a short outdoor candlelight remembrance.

    Chalres Clark

    Professor emeritus of history Charles E. Clark passed away on Dec. 3, 2013, in Exeter, N.H. For 30 years, Professor Clark served with distinction the Department of History, the College of Liberal Arts, the University of New Hampshire, and the disciplines of history and humanities. He retired in 1997.

    Professor Clark earned a bachelor’s degree at Bates College and a master’s degree in...

  • twin Van Allen Probes

    The twin Van Allen Probes were launched Aug. 30, 2012 into elliptical, near-equatorial orbits around the Earth. Rather than seeing just the well-known two-belt structure, the mission found evidence of the clear three-belt structure portrayed in green in this diagram. Image courtesy of Andy Kale, University of Alberta.

    Researchers from UNH are unraveling the longstanding mysteries of the Van Allen radiation belts that circle Earth, improving predictions of space weather conditions and offering better...

  • The Institute on Disability (IOD) at UNH has been awarded a three-year, $1.08 million contract from New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services to provide training to community mental health centers to support young people with emotional and behavioral challenges.  

    “We have been piloting this work with the mental health centers, and this contract will allow us to work with every center in New Hampshire so they can support youth who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges,” says JoAnne Malloy, project director of the IOD’s Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work (RENEW) program. “We are thrilled to be partnering with the state’s Division of Community Based Care Services and the mental health centers to provide this model of support.”   


  • Extension field and state specialists will discuss the health of New Hampshire’s forests at the next UNH Cooperative Extension Issues & Ice Cream discussion Dec. 11 in the MUB, room 338. Ice cream will be served. 

    The campus community is invited to join the discussion from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. to share ideas and hear how Extension is working to ensure New Hampshire’s forests remain healthy. UNH Cooperative Extension partners with citizens, landowners, state agencies, conservation organizations, and communities to care for New Hampshire’s forests and trees.  

    An audience-wide roundtable discussion will follow short presentations on the following topics:

    • Forest health and woodlots

    • Applied research on forest openings and non-native plant...

  • Corey Johnson

    How did you get involved in sustainability at UNH while an undergraduate student?

    My interest and involvement with sustainability at UNH began in a course on global environmental change (ESCI 405) taught by Dr. Cameron Wake and Dr. Tom Kelly. Since then, it has been a pleasure to remain...

  • Alison Watts - Research assistant professor in civil engineering and Sustainability Research Collaboratory faculty scholar

    Alison Watts

    Tell us about the research you do around water.

    I am working on water-related issues at a variety of scales and locations. Locally, I am involved with ...

  • The UNH Lodging Executives Sentiment Index (LESI) continued its slide from 76.8 in September 2013 to 75.0 in October 2013. Overall the lodging executives’ sentiment for present business conditions was up during this current period while future business conditions continued to weaken.

    “There appears to be continued economic uncertainty among executives, with demand leveling off,” said Nelson Barber, associate professor of hospitality management, who manages the index.  

    Fifty-three percent of lodging executives indicated current business conditions were good, an increase from 38 percent last period, while 47 percent indicated conditions were normal, down from 62 percent during the same period. No executive indicated such conditions were bad in either period.  


  • UNH clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy Elizabeth Stewart won the Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Health and Human Services.

  • ulti Angle Scattering and Optical Transmission instrument

    The Multi Angle Scattering and Optical Transmission instrument package on the back deck of a NOAA vessel in Lake Erie ready for deployment. Lowered through the water column, the MASCOT measures light scattering from seventeen angles and other optical properties such as absorption and fluorescence. Photo by Tim Moore.

    When a lake of nearly 10,000 square miles develops problems, they tend to show up in a big way—like a 600-square-...

  • (l to r) Jim Conant, Matthew Broderick, and Sean Conant (© 2013 Rising Picture Company)

    (l to r) Jim Conant, Matthew Broderick, and Sean Conant (© 2013 Rising Picture Company)

    What started out as a father-son quest to view all five copies of the Gettysburg Address...