President Huddleston Addresses Updating Strategic Plan and RCM

President Huddleston Addresses Updating Strategic Plan and RCM

Thursday, May 08, 2014

To the UNH Community, 

In February, the 2014 State of the University address called upon the university community to come together to renew our Strategic Plan, so that it can continue to guide UNH’s success through the many dynamic challenges confronting higher education today. 

I am writing to invite your active participation in this effort and to outline the processes for updating both the Strategic Plan and the Responsibility Center Management (RCM) system which supports it. 

I have charged Provost Lisa MacFarlane and Vice President for Finance and Administration Dick Cannon with organizing these important updates.

 Strategic Plan Renewal

 Launched in 2010, "The University of New Hampshire in 2020," is a blueprint that ensures UNH will continue on a strategic path to fulfill its potential as one of the nation’s finest public universities. Building on core strengths across our diverse community, it upholds our commitment to creating a model of public higher education that is relevant for a rapidly changing world. 

This year, leveraging the original Strategic Plan process and structure, our community will be asked to review our progress and to take a fresh look at the priorities and relevance of the plan’s initiatives. We will also be creating a means to update and measure Strategic Plan progress each year going forward. 

Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Update 

RCM is the method UNH uses to allocate and distribute revenues and expenses; it is important that RCM supports and enables our Strategic Plan and the effective operation of the university, and encourages units and departments to be innovative and efficient. 

The last RCM review was concluded in 2011 and implemented as of Fiscal Year 2012. An RCM update will align its recommendations with a renewed Strategic Plan, and can be implemented as of Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015). 


 The success of these efforts depends on active participation across the university community by faculty, staff and students at all levels. Between now and the end of 2014, we will conduct in-depth surveys, engage with senates, councils and other groups, and hold open forums to invite your ideas and input.  A steering committee will oversee this work throughout the process, and report their recommendations for the Strategic Plan and RCM updates. Within this steering committee will be an RCM working group, which will be charged with translating the Strategic Plan into a proposed RCM model. There will be many opportunities for input and consultation, including surveys and meetings with senates and councils. 

This promises to be an exciting, inclusive undertaking that calls on our collective ingenuity, expertise and collegiality, as well as the personal passion we share for New Hampshire’s flagship public university and those we serve.

Thank you in advance for your interest and active participation. 

Best regards, 

Mark W. Huddleston