PT Now Eligible for Tandem Rewards

PT Now Eligible for Tandem Rewards

Monday, April 15, 2013

By now you’ve heard of Tandem Health Advantage, the personal health care shopping service that compares medical fees and offers cash rewards to eligible UNH employees who opt to use a lower cost provider for qualifying tests or procedures.

Now, physical therapy (PT) has been added to the list; employees who call Tandem to find a lower cost provider before having treatment will receive $100. The incentive is for the entire course of therapy, not per visit. Meaning you get $100 whether you go four times or 10. 

The pilot program will run from April through September. 

Other procedures Tandem offers rewards for include bone density scans, colonoscopies, MRIs, and blood work.  

If you are a Harvard Pilgrim subscriber, all you have to do to qualify for a reward is call 1-866-797-4100 or email A Tandem nurse will help you find the facility that has the lowest cost for the treatment you seek. (It could be where your doctor had scheduled you to go). 

Prices vary on services from facility to facility depending on the procedure. For example, a bone density scan in a Portsmouth facility averages $250 more than at a Dover provider. The difference between the price of a colonoscopy in Portsmouth vs. Stratham is about $800. 

The reward system was designed as a way to address escalating medical expenses. When you call Tandem Health Advantage and use a lower cost facility, USNH saves money, which, in turn, will help keep future health plan costs down. 

Rewards are subject to taxes.

For a list of rewards paid per procedure, and for more information on Tandem, visit

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