Sign Up to Be a UNH Advocate

Sign Up to Be a UNH Advocate

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In September, I wrote to tell you about UNH Works for New Hampshire--our effort to ask state lawmakers to restore support for the University, which was cut 49 percent last year. Returning funding to 2010 levels would allow us to freeze in-state tuition for two years and dramatically increase financial aid.  The response from alumni, parents, students, and friends of the University has been nothing short of amazing. We now have close to 800 UNH Advocates signed up, and they are writing letters to the editor and reaching out to the candidates for state representative, state senator, and governor.

I'm writing to ask you to join this important effort and to sign up to be a UNH Advocate, if you have not already done so. With the election just days away, we need your help. 

I'm pleased that state funding for UNH is a top issue in the gubernatorial race. This is due in large part to the great work of our advocates telling the candidates that public support for UNH is vital to New Hampshire's economy and its citizens.

Here are ways you can help:

  • Write a letter to the editor explaining why UNH is important to you and why you want your elected officials to support UNH. We've compiled a list of newspapers across the state, along with links for submitting letters.
  • Reach out to the candidates in your district and tell them that restoring public support for UNH is important to you as a voter.
  • Review our budget talking points and facts about UNH that you can use here.
  • Let us know about your conversations with candidates here.
  • Like UNH Works on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  • Share this email with your friends and networks and encourage them to become UNH Advocates, too.

We're counting on you to spread the word about the invaluable contributions that UNH makes, day in and day out, to our state and its future. Join me in engaging our state's leaders in this important conversation. Keep UNH strong. Keep New Hampshire strong.  

Thank you for your support.


Mark W. Huddleston

President, University of New Hampshire

PS: Please join this effort and help keep UNH strong by signing up here. In the last legislative session, funding for in-state students at New Hampshire's public colleges and universities suffered the largest cut in our state's history, indeed in our nation's history. At UNH, state support now provides just 6 percent of our operating budget. New Hampshire was already last in the nation in per capita funding for public higher education, and it would remain last even if our budget is fully restored to 2010 levels.