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corsets and bustles on display at UNH museum

Women of Bone and Steel: Stays on Display at University Museum

Preserved corsets from the 18th through 20th centuries are lining the walls of the University Museum on the ground floor of Dimond Library, chronicling more than 200 years of women’s relationships with beauty and fashion. They are part of the exhibit “... Read More
soldier greeting children
Nathan Webster’s images of soldiers in Iraq are part of the Conflict Zone exhibit at Dimond Library. The exhibit runs now through March 6. English... Read More
dress in exhibit at UNH Museum
When Astrida Schaeffer describes the smooth grey silk of a Victorian-era dress that has been knife-pleated on the cuffs and bodice, its bodice... Read More
Dale Valena and Kyle Murphy
The Civil War has been called the bloodiest of all wars. More than 600,000 men gave their lives to the fight. Farmers and shopkeepers and teachers... Read More

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  • Museum Quality: Astrida Schaeffer '99G
    - Museum Quality: Astrida Schaeffer '99G
    Astrida Schaeffer is a material girl. Actually, the professional title she uses is “costume historian” and, for the museum mannequins she carves out of foam, “costume display... Read More