UNH Professor Publishes Book On The Philosophy Of Technology
Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
March 2, 2006

DURHAM, N.H. -- Technology is an increasingly ubiquitous and powerful presence in society and the daily lives of Americans, and R. Valentine Dusek, associate professor of philosophy at the University of New Hampshire, addresses the philosophical issues of technology in a new book, The Philosophy of Technology.

Published by Blackwell Publishing, the book was released in early 2006. Considering first the question of what technology is, Dusek discusses a wide range of concerns, including technocracy, technological rationality, technological determinism, and varieties of resistance to technology. The book offers an engaging and comprehensive overview of a subject vital to today’s world.

“Dusek’s range of expertise is impressive, and his generous conception of what topics a philosophy of technology should consider is timely. In this field where there is not yet a ‘mainstream’ viewpoint, too few writers appreciate the importance of such wide coverage. Fewer still are knowledgeable enough to speak in all of these areas out of their own understanding. Val Dusek is and does. His book is precisely what the field now needs,” says Robert Scharff, professor of philosophy at UNH.

Dusek’s previous publications include Philosophy of Technology -- The Technological Condition: An Anthology (co-edited with Scharff, 2003) and The Holistic Inspirations of Physics: An Underground History of Electromagnetic Theory, (1999).