UNH Expert Available To Media
Entomologist John Burger, Professor of Zoology, on Eastern equine encephalitis

Contact: Beth Potier
UNH Media Relations

Sept. 13, 2005

DURHAM, N.H. -- University of New Hampshire Professor of Zoology John Burger, an entomologist who specializes in mosquitoes and other insects that feed on the blood of vertebrates, is available to provide expert commentary on Eastern equine encephalitis (“triple E”). A Newton woman died of the virus Friday (Sept. 9), and four other New Hampshire residents have been infected by triple E, which is spread by mosquitoes from infected birds to humans, horses, and other mammals.
“Equine encephalitis ecology and epidemiology is very complex, with several interlocking factors involved in its incidence (or lack thereof) in a given year, including mosquito populations, availability of susceptible birds and mammals, rainfall patterns and several other factors,” Burger said.
Burger can be reached directly at (603) 862-1736.