UNH One of Four Graduate Psychology Programs Recognized by American Psychological Association

Contact: Erika Mantz
UNH Media Relations

February 19, 2004

DURHAM, N.H. -- The American Psychological Association (APA) recently recognized the University of New Hampshire's Department of Psychology Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Initiative as one of four graduate psychology programs that offer creative and forward-looking approaches to graduate education.

UNH received an honorable mention from the APA's Board of Education Affairs at the annual meeting of the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology earlier this month. The department's Preparing Future Faculty program was recognized for going beyond traditional coursework and research in psychology to provide students with hands-on teaching-related experiences, mentoring and graduate coursework.

“What makes our program innovative is our approach to fully prepare a new PhD for a faculty position,” says Victor Benassi, UNH professor of psychology, who is involved in the department's PFF program along with professors Ken Fuld, Victoria Banyard and Peter Fernald. “We prepare students so they can hit the ground running. As students go through the program, they take on increased responsibility in the areas of teaching, research and service.”

The program teaches students the principles of test and syllabus construction, grading practices, effective classroom teaching methods, and course materials and text selection. Students gain formal teaching experience by teaching an introductory psychology course under faculty supervision during their third year, after completing coursework that helps to prepare them.

Fuld, chair of the psychology department, says that “because of the unique blend of preparation in the areas of teaching and research, our students are very marketable and successful in securing academic positions upon graduation from the program.” Graduates have landed positions at a variety of academic institutions, including liberal arts colleges, comprehensive state colleges and universities, private universities and institutions in other countries.