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Pulitzer Prize Winners 2003

Rocky Mountain News

UNH Alum Kevin Sullivan Wins Pulitzer Prize


Second UNH Alum Wins Pulitzer Prize

By Erika L. Mantz
UNH News Bureau

April 9, 2003

DURHAM, N.H. - The photo staff of the Rocky Mountain News, which includes 1981 University of New Hampshire graduate Mark Osler, won this year's Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography for images of Colorado on fire.

The staff of 15 photographers spent weeks documenting fires that began in April and lasted through the summer.

Osler, who majored in business administration, is one of two UNH alums to win a Pulitzer this year. Kevin Sullivan, also a 1981 graduate of UNH, and his wife, Mary Jordan, won for international reporting for exposing corruption in Mexico's criminal justice system.

This marked the second time in four years that Rocky Mountain News photographers have won journalism's top honor in the breaking news photo category. A portfolio of pictures from the Columbine tragedy took the prize in 2000.

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