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UNH Dean Named Senior Fellow of World Wildlife Fund

By Sharon Keeler
UNH News Bureau

May 17, 2001

DURHAM, N.H. -- The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that Andrew Rosenberg, University of New Hampshire dean of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, has been named Senior Fellow to the Marine Conservation Program. WWF gives this honor to "exemplary professionals" whose expertise makes their contributions especially critical to marine conservation efforts.

"Dr. Rosenberg brings to our Marine Conservation Program years of high-level experience in international and national policy," said Scott Burns, director of WWF's Endangered Seas Campaign.

Rosenberg, who became UNH dean last year, has had a distinguished career in the marine sciences. As former deputy director of the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, Rosenberg was a key agency policymaker and liaison to Congress, senior levels of the administration, resource management partners and the public. He managed 2,600 employees and a $420 million budget.

This post followed ten years with the National Marine Fisheries Service, where he was Northeast regional administrator and chief of research coordination in Maryland and Massachusetts. In this position he played a major role in developing and implementing recovery plans for New England fisheries which now are showing improvements on the George's Bank and other fishing grounds. Rosenberg also implemented protection plans for marine mammals such as harbor porpoise and right whales, and endangered species like Atlantic salmon.

"I have enormous respect for the work that the World Wildlife Fund does to improve the conservation of marine resources," said Rosenberg. "It is an honor to serve as a senior fellow. I hope I can provide advice on some of their projects from a scientific as well as policy perspective, drawing upon my experience in government and academia."

Among his appointments and honors, Rosenberg received a Presidential Award for Meritorious Service to the United States, the U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Commendation for Marine Resource Management, three NOAA Bronze Medal Awards, and the World Wildlife Fund Commendation for Conservation.

Rosenberg has been appointed by the President and U.S. Secretary of Commerce to head numerous delegations over the years, including as commissioner and head of delegation to the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization and the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization. He also has served as U.S. delegate to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization Committee on Fisheries.

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