Results of Spring UNH Horse Trials

By Sharon Keeler
UNH News Bureau

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire Spring Horse Trials held last week in Durham were once again a success. More than 100 competitors from the New England area competed at the novice, training and preliminary level.

Spectators were treated to dressage competition on Saturday, while Sunday held the most excitement as competitors tackled the cross-country and stadium jumps. The cross-country course, which recently had the addition of a bank complex and drop jump, held no single trouble spot. The stadium jumping competition, constructed with brightly painted fences decorated with shrubs and flowers donated by local florists, was also handled well by competitors.

Each year the UNH Horse Trials are run by students in the horsemanship program, under the direction of Janet Briggs, assistant professor of animal and nutritional sciences. Beside putting in hours of work prior to the trials, students work the two days of the event in various positions to assure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Approximately 80 students were responsible for this nationally-recognized event.

The UNH Horse Trials have been a recognized event by the United States Combined Training Association and the American Horse Show Association for the past 27 years. The first UNH Horse Trials were created and organized by Briggs, who is still involved with the equine program and oversees the trials each semester.

Results of UNH Spring 2000 Horse Trials

Restricted Novice A

1. "J-Lin Conquest," Mary Antinozzi (31.5)
2. "Zambrosa," Sally Davis (33.5)
3. "UNH Abigail," Lindsay Alger (42.0)

Restricted Novice B

1. "Fleeting Moment," Risa Delong (32.0)
2. "Rising Star," Jaime Moore (33.5)
3. "Blackjack," Rachel Poppke (42.0)

Open Novice A

1. "L'Cedric," Susan Bourassa (32.0)
2. "Puntilla," Ana Barndollar (36.5)
3. "Jester's Cap," Laurie Shiffer (39.5)

Open Novice B

1. "Alexis," Dawn Dascomb (38.5)
2. "Scirocco," Sheri Aggarwal (38.5)
3. "Javma," Beth Anton (39.5)

Open Novice C

1. "Solo," Suzi Gornall (33.5)
2. "Mint Julep," Kay Oppenheimer (36.0)
3. "Power Surge," Barbara Brown (38.0)

Restricted Training

1. "Full Sail," Dorothy Van Gerbig (35.5)
2. "Without Consent," Andrea St. Hilaire (38.0)
3. "Quatro," Donald Little (41.5)

Open Training A

1. "Evil Zipper," Anna Schierioth (33.5)
2. "Patrick Linsley," Nancy Guyotte (36.0)
3. "Mama's Boy," Melissa Campbell (41.5)

Open Training B

1. "Tizmo," Jane Hamlin (33.0)
2. "Broque," Nancy Guyotte (33.9)
3. "What's It All About," Samantha Piro (36.0)


1. "It's Otto," Adrienne Iorio-Borden (37.3)
2. "Essence Du Bonjour," Richard Wood (38.7)
3. "Ellie," Andrienne Iorio-Borden (41.6)

Open Preliminary

1. "Tir Na Nog," Erika Smith (57.7)
2. "Abracadabra," Jennifer Fraunhofer (65.6)
3. "Alison Linsley," Hilary Miskoe (72.5)

May 15, 2000

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