UNH Research Grant Will Help Young Victims of Crime

By Tracy Manforte
UNH News Bureau

DURHAM, N.H. -- Research on child victimization at the University of New Hampshire recently got a boost from the federal government in the form of a $1.5-million grant for the Crimes Against Children Center.

David Finkelhor, director of the UNH center, says the money will help launch a national study of the agencies that aim to assist child crime victims.

"We want to find out what works best in communities around the country to bring justice and heal these youngest victims," he says. "We will be looking at the best efforts to promote a more child-friendly criminal justice system. We want to see what works, so that other communities can follow suit."

"The National Multi-Site Evaluation of Children's Advocacy Centers" will examine these innovative programs, which aim to bring sensitivity, empowerment and child-friendly procedures to the handling of crimes against children within the justice system.

"Child crime victims deserve the utmost in compassion and justice from our courts, our police and our child welfare system," Finkelhor adds. "This grant brings us a step closer to that ideal."

U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) helped secure funding and says the UNH study will have a profound impact on how society handles crimes against children. "It is important for the federal government to support university-based research on important social problems such as this," he says.

October 15, 1999

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