MLK Biographer Available to Discuss 40th Anniversary of King's Assassination
Media Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
March 31, 2008

DURHAM, N.H. - Noted Civil Rights scholar Harvard Sitkoff, professor of history at the University of New Hampshire, is available to discuss the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. King was assassinated April 4, 1968, at age 39 in Memphis.

Sitkoff can be reached for interviews at 603-862-3024 (office), 603-659-6359 (home) or

Sitkoff is the author of the biography "King: Pilgrimage to the Mountaintop." His biography of King has been called the finest brief biography of the civil rights leader.

"Martin Luther King Jr. certainly had a far greater impact on my life than any other public figure, and there is no one I more admired than King. I well remember the excitement I felt as a boy reading accounts of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Because of that, I got involved in the movement as a college student, and then went South briefly to march and picket and take part in the movement," Sitkoff says.

"As a young adult, nothing exhilarated me more than King saying hello to me and shaking my hand at a civil rights demonstration in Virginia in 1962. And I'll never forget the extraordinary jumble of emotions and thoughts that went through me as I stood in the rain on an Atlanta street as his casket went by," he says.


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