Media Kit: Pipeline Images and Captions
Contact:  Beth Potier
UNH Media Relations
May 6, 2009

EcoLine™ Images and Captions to Download

DURHAM, N.H. – These images are for media use.
All images are copyright © The University of New Hampshire.
Caption: The University of New Hampshire’s EcoLine™ is a ground-breaking landfill gas-to-energy project that uses purified methane gas from a Waste Management landfill as the campus’s main energy source.
Credit: Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services.
As part of the EcoLine™ project, UNH built a processing plant at Waste Management’s Turnkey Recycling and Environmental Enterprise (TREE) in Rochester. The plant purifies and pressurizes the naturally occurring landfill gas, collected via a state-of-the-art collection system consisting of more than 300 extraction wells and miles of collection pipes, before the gas travels to UNH.
Credit: Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services.
A 12.7-mile pipeline brings purified landfill gas from Waste Management's Turnkey Recycling and Environmental Enterprise (TREE) facility in Rochester to the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, where it provides up to 85 percent of the university’s energy needs.
Credit: Perry Smith, UNH Photographic Services.
Purified landfill gas replaces commercial natural gas in the University of New Hampshire’s cogeneration plant. In operation since 2006, UNH’s cogeneration plant captures waste heat normally lost during the production of electricity and uses this energy to heat campus buildings.
Credit: Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services.
In addition to selling the renewable energy credits (RECs) generated by using landfill gas to help finance the overall cost of the project, UNH purchased a second generator for the cogeneration plant and will sell power in excess of campus needs back to the electric grid. UNH will also invest REC funds in additional energy efficiency projects on campus.
Credit: Erin Gleason, UNH Photographic Services.


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