UNH Dining Installs Waterless Urinals
New Technology Eliminates Waste and Wasted Resources
Contact:  Beth Potier
UNH Media Relations
September 6, 2006

DURHAM, N.H. -- Starting this fall, visiting the men’s rooms of any University of New Hampshire dining hall will be a green experience, thanks to new waterless urinals installed by UNH Dining over the summer.

UNH Dining has replaced a total of 17 traditional urinals with waterless ones, saving an estimated 765,000 gallons of water per year and $20,000 in annual water and sewer costs. Because the new urinals eliminate flushing valves, maintenance costs are also less.

“The return on investment for these urinals is far less than one year. The combination of saving dollars and water made this an easy decision – it just made sense,” says UNH Dining’s Rick MacDonald. MacDonald notes that UNH Dining is already a leader in sustainability through measures such as composting and its Local Harvest initiative, which serves locally produced foods.

Waterless urinals resemble traditional urinals without flush valves. The bowl surface is urine repellant for drainage without flush water; gravity works to expel the urine. Instead of a trap drain, a biodegradable liquid solution floats on top of the urine, trapping sewer gasses and other odors. Daily cleaning procedures are the same as for traditional urinals.

The waterless urinals have been installed in UNH Dining’s three facilities – Holloway Commons, Stillings Marketplace, and Philbrook Hall.

For more information on UNH Dining, go to www.unh.edu/dining. To learn more about Local Harvest and other sustainability initiatives, visit www.unh.edu/dining/localharvest.htm or www.sustainableunh.unh.edu.