UNH Offers Certificate Of Public Health
Contact:  Beth Potier
UNH Media Relations
June 21, 2006

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire will offer a new Certificate of Public Health degree providing community and public health professionals such as town health officers, managers of health programs, and healthcare providers the opportunity to engage in a shorter course of study about public health. The certificate program will begin in September.

“This new program will enhance New Hampshire’s public health infrastructure by providing individuals managing public or community health programs with no formal academic background in public health the opportunity to earn a graduate degree,” said Holly Tutko, certificate program manager and clinical assistant professor at UNH.

Targeted toward working professionals, Certificate of Public Health courses are offered weekday evenings through the Center for Graduate and Professional Studies at UNH Manchester. The certificate requires 12 credits – four three-credit courses – that can be completed in one year, although students have up to three years to finish the coursework. Unique to this program is that one of the courses bundles at least six approved public health workshops that can be taken at a variety of organizations or institutions, allowing students to tailor the course to their individual interests.

“To maintain a highly effective statewide public health system requires having a workforce knowledgeable about core public health fundamentals,” said John Seavey, professor and chair of the Health Management and Policy department at UNH, which is offering the certificate. “This certificate allows working professionals not able to attend a two-year Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree program the opportunity to acquire basic skill sets and knowledge which would enhance their abilities in public health.” Seavey noted that though every town or city in the state is required to have a local health officer, no requirement exists that this individual possess any formal public health education or experience.

“This is a way the university can really help impact the delivery of public health in New Hampshire,” said Seavey.

For more information on the Certificate of Public Health, visit http://www.shhs.unh.edu/hmp/hmp_cert_pub_health.html or call (603) 862-2733.