October 18, 2006
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Administration Committed To Good Faith Bargaining In The Wake Of Work-To-Rule Vote

Interim President J. Bonnie Newman said today she is “deeply disappointed” that the UNH chapter of AAUP chose to move to “work to rule,” which she called adversarial, even before the two parties have entered into mediation or fact finding. More >>> (10-18-06)

OS Council Has Questions on Health Care Mitigation Plan

The proposed mitigation strategy for non-union workers to help offset increases in health insurance premiums as well as the new performance management initiative were the topics that generated the most discussion at the OS Council meeting held on Oct. 11 More >>> (10-18-06)

T-Hall Bell Tolls After Seven Months of Silence

For the first time since construction started in March, the bell in the clock tower at T-Hall tolled last week, rung by a UNH student whose father had painstakingly restored the building’s historic clock and weathervane. More >>> (10-18-06)

"Quintessential Quiet Yankee" Receives Hubbard Family Award

Forrest D. McKerley '57 has received the UNH Foundation's 2006 Hubbard Family Award for Service to Philanthropy. More >>> (10-18-06)

A Boost For Bunnies: Creating New Habitats

Congressman Jeb Bradley took a walk in UNH’s West Foss Farm woods Monday to mark the ground-breaking of a new project aimed at enhancing habitat for the New England cottontail, which is a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act. More >>> (10-18-06)

Russian Actresses To Perform Play Chronicling Life In Soviet Gulag

UNH welcomes two Russian actresses who will perform their one-act play, “The Roads We Did Not Choose,” as part of their effort to memorialize the victims of Soviet terror. More >>> (10-18-06)

Occupational Therapy "Macgyver" Makes Life Easier With Speedy Tools

Faculty member Therese Willkomm calls herself “MacGyvette.” But Willkomm doesn’t fight crime like the resourceful 1980s television sleuth; rather, she fashions tools from everyday objects that make life easier for people with disabilities. More >>> (10-18-06)

Time To Eat: New Addition to MUB Charging Pizza by the Clock

Bonici’s Italian Eatery opened in the MUB Food Court this week, adding to the array of existing food choices available to diners. The new Italian-American fare restaurant specializes in pizza, pasta casseroles and salads. More >>> (10-18-06)

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