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CPR and First Aid Classes Available
Campus Recreation is offering a CPR and First Aid classes during work hours so that faculty/staff may be able to take advantage of it during this time while students are away. Adult CPR will be held Wednesday, Jan. 11, noon to 4 p.m. Adult CPR, and First Aid will be held Friday, Jan. 13, 1:30 to 4 p.m. A maximum of eight people can particpate in the CPR class and 20 in the First Aid class. The cost is $35 for Adult CPR only, $28 for First Aid only and $45 for both. Registration is at the Recreation Center during all open hours. For information, call 2-2031 and speak to Kathy Casler or Linda Hayden. Additional courses are offered throughout the semester at a variety of times.

COLSA Deanís Office Has Moved
COLSA Deanís Office has moved to Rudman Hall. The new offices are as follows: COLSA Academic & Advising Offices: Alberto Manalo, Rudman G05D; Suzanne Booska, Rudman G05C; Jane Garnett, Rudman G05; Advising Office, Rudman G05A. COLSA Administration & Research Offices: Bill Trumble, Rudman G06A; Stacia Sower, Rudman G06B; Cathy Neri, Rudman G06; Marge Joy, Rudman G06; and Gretchen Forbes, Rudman G13. Phone numbers remain the same.

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Jan. 11, 2006
Next Publication Date: Wednesday, January 18 More >>>
UNH Welcomes New VP of Finance and Administration 
President Ann Weaver Hart today announced the appointment of Richard Cannon as Vice President for Finance and Administration. Cannon comes to UNH from Cambridge Hill Partners, where his practice focused on organizational development consulting for clients such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston College, Harvard, and Cornell. His appointment was approved by the USNH Board of Trustees' Executive Committee. He starts Jan. 11.
More >>> (01-11-06)
UNH Archaeologist Uncovers Earliest Maya Writing System
The excavation of Maya ruins in Guatemala, by University of New Hampshire archaeologist William Saturno has revealed that a Mayan writing system was in use centuries earlier than previously thought. More >>> (01-11-06)
Faculty Excellence: John Seavey, Distinguished Professor Award
Campus Journal is pleased to feature UNH's 2005 Faculty Excellence winner profiles this spring. This week's profile is John Seavey, a “go-to person,” someone who is asked, again and again, to serve in many ways for a variety of organizations. More >>> (01-11-06)
Sunny-Side-Up Gets Sunnier: UNH Now Serves Eggs From Cage-Free, Certified Humane NH Farm
If the eggs served at UNH seem a little happier and healthier, it’s because they now come from chickens that have been raised cage-free in a certified humane way. UNH, a leader in sustainable food service, will now buy all its shelled eggs from a certified humane chicken farm in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, making it the first university in the nation to serve certified humane products. More >>> (01-11-06)

More News
Gilmanton School Teacher Lauded By UNH Forest Watch Program For Outstanding Service (01-11-06)
UNH Institute On Disability Autism Conference Series Continues Jan. 11 (01-11-06)
Traditional Jazz Series Celebrates Paul Broadnax’s 80th Birthday Jan. 17
How To Separate Emotions From Family Business Discussions Is Focus Of UNH Center For Family Business Event Jan. 25 (01-11-06)
Center For Family Business Launches Next Leadership Development Program (01-11-06)
CIS Signals: Faculty Senate Supports One-Year Trial for Plagiarism Checking Software (01-11-06)
UNH In The News: New York Times: Symbols on the Wall Push Maya Writing Back by Years (01-11-06) (Registration Required)

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