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N.H. Author Series Presents Mike Pride Jan. 26


The N.H. Author Series, hosted by the Friends of Dimond Library, will present journalist and historian Mike Pride Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, at 2 p.m. in the Dimond Library 5th Floor Reading Room.

N.H. Telecom Executive Appointed Dean of UNH Manchester


J. Michael Hickey will take over leadership of the Manchester campus of the University of New Hampshire effective Jan. 22, 2014. Provost Lisa MacFarlane announced that Hickey, who has close ties to the state's business community and brings hands-on experience to building the state's workforce needs, has been appointed interim dean.

President Huddleston Attends OS Council Meeting


The Operating Staff Council began the new year with a visit from President Mark Huddleston who makes a point of attending employee council meetings annually. 

At the Jan. 8 meeting, Huddleston responded to questions from representatives related to advancement opportunities, online courses, access to the Hamel Recreation fitness center and the future of higher education. 

Bullying on Campus: Survey Says It Exists

screen shot of survey results

Nearly 41 percent of the 542 UNH employees who recently completed a workplace bullying survey say they have experienced bullying on campus at some time during the last five years, with 77 percent of them rating the behavior as “moderate” to “severe.” 

Power Down: Your Holiday Gift to UNH (and the Planet)


If you could reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprint simply and painlessly, would you?

Of course you would.  And this month, in the spirit of giving, you have a chance to do the same for UNH. It’s as easy as powering down – turning off all electronic devices in your office – before you leave for the winter break. And because electronics can draw up to 30 percent of their total energy use while turned off but still plugged in, it’s important to shut them down at the source, by switching off power strips and unplugging appliances like printers and copiers.

MLK Celebration 2014, "Complex Roots: Intertwining Identities"

Natasha Trethewey

The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration at UNH, this year titled “Complex Roots: Intertwining Identities” will be held Feb. 5 through Feb. 10. 

President Huddleston Attends December PAT Council Meeting


The challenges facing higher education today are truly unprecedented, President Mark Huddleston told PAT Council representatives while attending their December meeting. 

“What is unsettling is not knowing what’s around the next corner. But what we do know is that higher education is absolutely essential. What we do is not going to go away,” Huddleston said during the council’s monthly meeting. 

Give It All You’ve Got—or All You Can


With Christmas two weeks away, Wildcat Santa and the Cornucopia Food Pantry are still welcoming donations to help members of the university community who may not otherwise receive needed assistance during the holidays.  

UNH Scientists Launch “CubeSats” into Radiation Belts


Twin, pintsized satellites built in part at UNH's Space Science Center by UNH graduate student Alex Crew were launched into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California just before midnight Dec. 5, 2013.

The two 4x4x6-inch Focused Investigations of Relativistic Electron Burst Intensity, Range, and Dynamics (FIREBIRD) satellites will now brave a region of space 400 miles above Earth, where they have begun probing a mysterious physical process within our planet's dangerous radiation belts.

New Initiative Will ADVANCE Search Committees


Hiring a diverse, talented workforce begins with the search committee. 

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