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Here at WUNH, we do far more than spin new tracks and expand your music repertoire. Both behind the scenes and on their air, WUNH DJs are educating themselves and staying active in their community by reporting on election evens on and off campus, reporting recent communal news and reviewing albums, artists, and perspective music events. "The Blog" is a source for DJs and commuity members to share their words and experiences off air and with our audience in an interactive way never before explored.

Stone Church Stories: The Early Years

Stone Church Poster

The Stone Church, high on Zion's Hill in Newmarket, NH, opened as a music club 50 years ago. This program explores the early years of the club with stories and music. Produced by Jack Beard the program originally aired on Dec. 13, 2020

Something Was In The Air: UNH In The Spring of 1970

T Hall In Flames

The spring of 1970 was a turbulent time on campuses across America. This program looks at
what was happening at UNH that year. Produced by Jack Beard the program originally aired on May 17, 2020