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Ma - Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart


Houston born and Venezuela raised folk singer Devendra Banhart released his tenth studio album, Ma this fall. His voice unmistakable voice and creative mind is highly recognizable in his newest work. It can be argued that Ma, is his most cohesive work to date, with whimsical high notes and tunes in songs such as “Carolina” and “Taking a Page”. Banhart’s guitar finger plucking abilities shine through, showcasing both his instrumental and his vocal abilities. This album is sweet and comforting to bop around to.

Submitted by: Chloe Serena, DJ and News Director, airing Mondays 2-4pm

Metronomy Forever - Metronomy

Metronomy Forever


Out of left field comes Metronomy’s new album “Metronomy Forever.” Their last studio album was recorded in 2016. This 3 Year Hiatus has proven Metronomy to be masters of modern electronic music. Not to be confused with EDM. This STRFKR & MGMT styled Band is a blast to listen to. From creative textures to killer vocals, Metronomy has created a truly special album. This album has created a bit of noise on the NACC Chart with peaking at 10 on the Hot 200. Right up there with (Sandy) Alex G, Pixies, and Jay Som. Personally I think the best track on the album is “Wedding Bells” with awesome synth tones, catchy chorus, and a super fun beat that will get anyones feet moving without being too cheesy like some modern artists. They’re currently on tour and are going to be in Boston @ Royale in February and I’m so looking forward to it! If you’re a fan of anything electronic, this album has it all!

Submitted by: Braeden Hale, DJ and Music Director, airing Tuesdays 2-4pm

Only the Blues - Dylan Moon


Only the Blues, Dylan Moon’s debut album, is bound to surprise and delight. The technical and creative proficiency of the record are that of a seasoned musician, sounding as if Elliot Smith had had the opportunity to grow older, softened a little, and decided to come out of retirement with a psych-folk record in his bedroom with an analog drum machine. The production is impeccable (and all done by Moon himself), and the interchange between chord and rhythm is nothing short masterful, reminiscent of psych masters such as Love. Although currently with less than 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Only the Blues is a nearly perfect debut in both production and composition and appears to be the start of a promising career. Suggested tracks: Death Warmed, A Witch, Song for Jerry, Lines

Submitted by: Hayden Stinson, DJ and Program Director,  airing Tuesdays 8-9 am and Thursdays 3-6 pm

Dreamo - Teen Body


Yes, dream pop/shoegaze is a crowded genre with an inundation of Galaxie 500 rip-offs. Teen Body, however, provided a refreshing source of indie comfort in their sophomore record, "Dreamo." The Brooklyn quartet managed to craft that dreamy pop sound with a clever blend of subtle shoegaze and catchy guitar hooks. The album title is fitting--according to the band, they coined its name from a close friend who described their sound as a mix between dream pop and emo, hence, "Dreamo." I personally agree. Give a listen to tracks like "Fell off" and "Validation" for an upbeat, catchy rock sound, and ponder about lifes mortal coil with the title track "Dreamo" or the deep and mysterious "Dead drop."   

Submitted by: Teddy McNulty, DJ and General Manager, airing Tuesdays 1-2pm and Thursdays 11am-1pm

Run Around the Sun - Sacred Paws

Sacred Paws


Sacred Paws has hit the ground running with their second studio album titled, “Run Around The Sun.” Released on May 31st, 2019, at the end of the Semester from Merge Records, comes an upbeat, jam-band, post punk sound that really gets your head moving and your feet dancing. With an incredibly diverse band composition, Sacred Paws boasts talented guitar, bass, trumpet, drummer and a great vocal duo, courtesy of the uplifting Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers. Personally, my favorite tracks are Almost It, What’s So Wrong, and Brush Your Hair. All of these songs do sound relatively similar, but that’s what adds to the atmosphere Sacred Paws creates in this wonderful, happy, little album.


Submitted by: Braeden Hale, DJ and Music Director, airing Tuesdays 2-4pm


Modern Mirror - Drab Majesty


The third release and most recent release from L.A. neo-goth post-punk duo Drab Majesty is enchanting, catchy, and dark at the same time. Fusing the understated melodic proficiency of its first two release with a fuller and more mature production value, this album is a gem for old and new fans alike. The band’s presence is alluringly androgynous, the drums are undeniably 80s, and the vocals are chilly (with a dash of underlying romanticism). While “Ellipsis” is the standout lead single, the entire album makes for a cohesive and refreshing listen for fans of the darker side of the 80s. Fav tracks: “Ellipsis”, “The Other Side”, “Out of Sequence”.

Submitted by: Hayden Stinson, DJ and Program Director,  airing Tuesdays 8-9 am and Thursdays 3-6 pm