Looking for a tax-deductible way to promote your business, services, or events? Support the University of New Hampshire and 91.3 FM WUNH Durham while promoting your projects in the Durham area as well as WUNH's 60-mile broadcasting radius by choosing to underwrite a show at WUNH in exchange for a mention or PSA during the chosen program. WUNH is a non-commercial radio station, thus underwriting is not considered an advertisement but rather a factual acknowledgment. Explore this service offered by WUNH and utilize this outlet in promoting your passion projects!


Underwriting Policy:

As a non-commercial radio station, 91.3 FM WUNH Durham must abide by certain rules:

  • We may include non-promotional slogans, locational information, objective and neutral descriptions of a product line or service, and a brand or trade names

  • We may not include price information, a call to action, an inducement to buy-sell, or promotion of any product or brand of any kind

"Having issues with your technology? UNH IT is here to help, employing students on campus as well as members of its community to offer you services such as aid in communications, emailing, and messaging. For a full list of the services offered, go to unh.edu/it. Thanks, UNH IT!"


WUNH Underwriting Fees:
At this moment, underwriting fees for WUNH are negotiable. More information can be provided with shown interest by emailing WUNH's business manager at business.wunh@unh.edu 


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