Bystander Intervention Course

Bystander Intervention Course

IncludeU is a program developed by faculty for faculty based on research on how best to intervene when a bias incident occurs.  The program is web-based and self-paced and can be completed anytime, any place, and on any device.  

Animated Scenarios depict realistic examples of bias incidents that occur on a daily basis when faculty get together casually or at meetings where they deliberate hiring and promotion and tenure decisions.  

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The program consists of three modules and can be completed in less than 2 hours.

(Each module takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete.)

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Module 1

Provides an introduction to different types of cognitive bias, how they might occur in the academic workplace and how we decide whether or not to intervene when we witness bias.

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Module 2

Introduces specific behaviors that bystanders can use to effectively intervene when they witness bias in the workplace and the level of risk associated with different interventions.

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Module 3

Introduces additional scenarios portraying bias incidents as well as possible intervention behaviors that may be used to mitigate their negative effects.

Academic Workplace Setting

The course explores these four academic contexts where bias affects decisions and workplace climate

  • Faculty Search
  • Faculty Peer Evaluations
  • Faculty Meetings
  • Casual Interactions
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Pricing varies depending on the estimated number of users at your institution.  Please email or complete the inquiry form for further pricing information or to request a free demo.