Bystander Intervention Training

Learn how bias affects the academic workplace and
how faculty can and should intervene when we see bias occurring.

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What we do

IncludeU is a bystander intervention training program aimed at improving academic workplace climate by providing tools to effectively intervene when bias occurs. 


Why IncludeU

IncludeU is effective and convenient. It was developed by faculty for faculty based on research, is online and asynchronous, and works as a standalone course or as part of an existing portfolio of diversity and inclusion offerings. 

Our solution

Our bias intervention course is installed on your own learning management system platform. We work with you to determine licensing based on the expected number of users. We offer easy access and guidance to ensure the best experience through our course. 

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I am amazed that this training exists and is required to participate in faculty search committees.  This information should be spread to other institutions of higher learning to reduce bias in the workplace.  I really connected with the material and the scenarios. The course is professional and thoughtfully prepared.  Production quality is excellent and the content will be very helpful to faculty in any age group.  Bias and discrimination can be subtle - or obvious - and it is always important to recognize and call it out. ~ Faculty Testimonial

Hello and THANK YOU for putting together such a good and engaging training program. Because of this training, I felt confident enough to call out a case of bias, and stopped it before it became a problem. Before the training, I would have spent a lot of time arguing and getting nowhere. Thank you for empower me to know how to respond. ~ Email Testimonial

I took the training and found it very interesting. I have done several implicit bias trainings (I am a criminal defense attorney, and this is a very important topic for us), and this was among the best - particularly because strategies for action were provided together with the mandate that action must be taken in some form when bias is present. ~ Non-faculty Testimonial



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