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Jan. 16, 2004 Edition

John Resch, professor of history at UNHM, has been elected chairman of the board of directors of the New Hampshire Humanities Council and chairman of the board of trustees of Child and Family Services of New Hampshire. Resch also was a contributing writer to the recently published book No Higher Calling: A Collection of Essays on the Social History of Child and Family Services.

Jack McCarthy, associate professor of business at UNHM, guided a group of executives through a leadership development exercise using the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg as a way to examine decision-making and strategy in today’s business world. McCarthy traveled to Pennsylvania in September and walked the Gettysburg battlefield with a corporate senior management team, discussing contemporary leadership challenges in comparison with those faced by military leaders and soldiers in 1863.

Jack McCarthy, associate professor of business at UNHM, traveled to Norway at the end of October to conduct a case study research project on leading organizational change, working with the senior management team and employees at The Norwegian Book Club. His research is being funded by a grant from The Executive Development Roundtable Research Center at Boston University. McCarthy was also invited to speak at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business, where he gave a talk titled, “Storytelling and Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Studies of Organizational Life” to faculty and staff in Bergen, Norway.

Jack Hoza, assistant professor of sign language interpretation at UNHM, spoke at “One Community: A Leadership Conference on Living, Learning, and Working Together,” a conference held Nov. 17, in Concord. Hoza’s presentation was titled “Sign Language Interpreter Standards in 2003.”

Jeff Klenotic, associate professor of communication arts at UNHM, has been invited to participate in a seminar via distance learning on the social history of movie-going. The graduate class is being taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and includes a dozen graduate students from eight universities across the United States, United Kingdom, continental Europe and New Zealand. In October, Klenotic participated via Blackboard in a seminar discussion of his recently published essay, “Like Nickels in a Slot: Children of the American Working Classes at the Neighborhood Movie House.”
UNHM professor of sociology Thaddeus Piotrowski’s fifth major work has been accepted for publication by McFarland Press. The working title is Polish Deportation and Diaspora in World War II: Refugees’ Recollections of their Deportation to the Soviet Union and Their Dispersal Throughout the World. A native of Poland, Piotrowski and his family lived under both the Soviet and German occupations of Poland’s eastern territory until 1943. Piotrowski was the recipient of the Cultural Achievement Award from the American Council for Polish Culture, and the Literary Award from the Polish Library in London, and has been nominated for a presidential appointment to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Council in Washington.

Fred Metting, associate professor of English at UNHM, recently had an article accepted for publication. His article “Not What You Look at, but What You See: American Nature Writing, Primal Thinking, and Contemporary Sciences” was accepted for publication in North Dakota Quarterly.

Hans Baumann, advisory board member of the UNH’s Whittemore School of Business and Economics and founder of H.D. Baumann Inc. in Portsmouth, was recently named by InTech magazine as one of the 50 most innovative people in automation, instrumentation and control technologies. According to InTech, Baumann’s expertise in flow control technologies, control valve designs, and noise prediction methods for control valves, is among the world’s best.

George R. Romoser, professor emeritus of political science and director emeritus of the Technology, Society and Values Program, participated in the Wilton Park Conference of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in West Sussex, England, Oct. 20-23. This was Romoser’s fifth time participating in the conference, which featured speakers from 22 countries. He also spoke in December at the Goethe Institute Philosophy Group in Boston on theories of political and cultural crisis in Germany toward the end of the interwar Weimar Republic and chaired a discussion on the ideas of political philosopher Leo Strauss and legal theorist Carl Schmitt, analyzing Strauss’ critique of Schmitt’s book The Concept of the Political.

Five UNH Ph.D. recipients recently joined Bud Khleif, professor emeritus of sociology, for a session he chaired at the 11th International Conference on Thinking in Phoenix, Arizona. The session, “The Uses of Sociology: Applying Theory to Life,” included Khleif’s former advisees who presented papers. They are Ashley Doane, associate professor of sociology at the University of Hartford, “A Window on the Collective Mind: Social Construction of Public Discourse”; Christy Hammer, associate professor of social and behavioral science at the University of Southern Maine, “Sociology as a Tool for Thinking about Democracy and K-12 Education”; Jeffrey Riemer, professor of sociology, Tennessee Tech, “Practicing Personal Sociology”; Daniel Santoro, associate professor of sociology and department head at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, “Sociology’s Historical Imagination: Social Physics vs. Peoples Science”; and Steven Ward, assistant professor of sociology at Western Connecticut University, “What Can Sociology Teach Us About Thinking and Knowing?”

Marshall Patmos, UNH Cooperative Extension Forest Resource Educator, is the new vice chair of the New England Christmas Tree Alliance (NECTA). NECTA is a coalition of the New England Christmas Tree Associations representing about 2,500 Christmas tree farmers throughout New England. Patmos, involved with the Christmas tree industry for more than 30 years, has been a representative to NECTA since 1991. He is a director of the NH-VT Christmas Tree Association and founding member of the NH Christmas Tree Promotion Board. Patmos is an Extension Educator in Cheshire County.


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