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Graduate Course Catalog 2015-2016

Trustees and Administrative Officers

University System of New Hampshire Trustees

Officers of the Board

Chair of the Board
Pamela Diamantis
Greenland, N.H. (2008-2016)

Vice Chair of the Board
John W. Small
New Castle, N.H. (2010-2015)

Secretary of the Board
Judith E. Blake
Portsmouth, N.H. (2008-2016)

Members of the Board

The Honorable Maggie Hassan
Governor of New Hampshire
Concord, N.H. (ex-officio)

Robert Baines
Manchester, N.H. (2011-2015)

Virginia M. Barry
Commissioner of Education
Concord, N.H. (ex-officio)

Todd R. Black
Dover, N.H. (2014-2018)

Cathy Furtek Conway
Jefferson, N.H. (2013-2017)

Frederick C. Dey
Portland, Maine (2011-2015)

Chester E. Homer III
Portsmouth, N.H. (2008-2016)

Mark W. Huddleston, Ph.D.
President, University of New Hampshire
Durham, N.H. (ex-officio)

Anne E. Huot, Ph.D.
President, Keene State College
Keene, N.H. (ex-officio)

Todd J. Leach, Ph.D.
Chancellor, University System of New Hampshire
Bow, N.H. (ex-officio)

John H. Lynch
Hopkinton, N.H. (2013-2017)

Lorraine S. Merrill
Commissioner of Agriculture
Stratham, N.H. (ex-officio)

Joseph G. Morone
Portsmouth, N.H. (2013-2018)

Kenneth C. Moulton
Bow, N.H. (2012-2015)

Timothy M. Riley
Bedford, N.H. (2009-2017)

John R. Rist
Manchester, N.H. (2013-2017)

Mark Rubinstein, Ph.D.
President, Granite State College
Concord, N.H. (ex-officio)

Henry B. Stebbins
Portsmouth, N.H. (2006-2016)

Sara Jayne Steen, Ph.D.
President, Plymouth State University
Plymouth, N.H. (ex-officio)

Wallace R. Stevens 
Hampton Falls, N.H. (2011-2015)

Michael A. Vlacich
Concord, N.H. (2014-2018)

Student Trustees

Ryan Scrivano
Keene State College
Keene, N.H. (2014-2015)

Bryan Merrill
University of New Hampshire
Durham, N.H. (2014-2015)