Important Information about UNH Policies and Procedures for Students

Dear Students:   


Below are important University policies, and helpful resources to support you as you pursue your studies at UNH.  

UNH Durham, Manchester Exam Scheduling: University policy prohibits the administration of examinations (to include quizzes): 

During the last week of classes (December 3-10, 2018).   

On Reading Days. For Fall 2018, the reading day falls on December 11. (Exams can be scheduled at 6pm)


UNH Law Exam Scheduling: UNH Law schedules all timed, final examinations during the two week Reading and Final Examination period which follows the last class of the semester. On rare occasions, a final exam may be scheduled outside this time period. These arrangements will be set forth in the individual class syllabus.  The UNH Law Examination Policy may be found on page 24 of the UNH Law Student Handbook

UNH Law’s Reading and Examination Period for Fall 2018, December 10-21, 2018


University Academic Honesty Policy:  The University of New Hampshire expects all students to adhere to its Academic Honesty Policy.   An additional resource you might find helpful is a Tutorial on Plagiarism.


UNH Law Conduct Code and Academic Honesty Policy: UNH Law expects all its community members to adhere to high standards of respect, consideration, honesty, and civility.  The UNH Law Academic Rules include the Code of Conduct and may be found in the UNH Catalog, under the UNH JD Law Academic Rules, Rule XIII-1 and Rule XIII-2.


ADA Accommodations:  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (as amended, 2008), each student with a disability has the right to request services from UNH to accommodate his/her disability. 


If you are a student with a documented disability or believe you may have a disability that requires accommodations, please: 

Durham students, contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at 201 Smith Hall, 603-862-2607/ 7-1-1 (Relay NH) or email  

Inform your instructor of your SAS documented disability as soon as possible to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations. 

Manchester students, if you have a documented disability or believe you may have a disability that requires accommodations, please contact Disability Services Coordinator, Janessa Zurek, room 410H (641-4383, in the UNH Manchester Student Services Suite.

UNH Law students: It is the policy and practice of UNH Law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and state and local requirements regarding students and applicants with disabilities.  If you are a student attending UNH Law, you may submit your request for accommodations and supporting documentation to the Office of the Assistant Dean for Students.  The Students with Disabilities Accommodation Policy may be found on page 9 of the UNH Law Student Handbook.  

Faculty have an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability from SAS but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations. For more information, refer to


Mental Health and Wellness (Durham): Your academic success is very important. If, during the semester, you find emotional or mental health issues are affecting that success, please contact the University’s Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) (3rd floor, Smith Hall; 603 862-2090/TTY: 7-1-1) which provides counseling appointments and other mental health services 


Mental Health and Wellness (Manchester): UNH Manchester is dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable on campus, in Manchester and at home. That’s why we offer various safety programs, services and resources on campus and through community partners.  A list of our community partners can be found at  Examples of services available include:

UNH Manchester contracts with the Greater Manchester Mental Health Center (GMMHC) to provide on-campus behavioral screening and consulting services.  Call 603-641-4170 to make an appointment, available hours are Tuesdays from 2pm – 5pm and Thursdays from 9am – 1pm.  The team at GMMHC also provides critical incident counseling services to students, faculty and staff in the event of a traumatic campus event. Call 603-668-4111 and select the appointment scheduling option.

The YWCA hosts awareness tables at the start of each academic semester to raise awareness about relationship violence and sexual assault and service available at the YWCA.

The WalkSafe Program is a free walking escort service for the University community. Contact campus security by email or call us at 603-641-4101 for more information.


Mental Health and Wellness UNH Law (Concord): If you are a UNH Law student living in the Concord or surrounding area, and find you need mental health support, there are numerous counselors in the Concord area who regularly work with law students.  A partial list of Mental Health Counselors in Concord can be found on the webpage for the Office of the Assistant Dean for Students. 


Additional resources on the Durham campus you may find helpful should you encounter difficult challenges are:  

Center for Academic Resources (CFAR):   Provides services and resources to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of academic success. (  

Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP):  Provides free and confidential advocacy and direct services to survivors. ( 

Student Life and Dean of Students Office:   The Student Life and Dean of Students Office is located in Thompson Hall, Room 118, 603-862-2053.   We hope you have a successful fall semester.     


Additional resources on the Manchester campus you may find helpful should you encounter difficult challenges are:  

Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE): Provides services and resources to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of academic success. (

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT): This team provides assistance to the UNH Manchester community when a student's behavior suggests harm to self or others, making referrals to appropriate resources and recommends appropriate actions to the Dean of Students when needed.  Please contact UNH Manchester Security (641-4101) to report concerns.


UNH Manchester Expectations of Classroom Behavior:  To ensure a climate of learning for all, disruptive or inappropriate behavior may result in exclusion (removal) from class. As a reminder, use of cell phones/PDAs, and all other electronic devices, to include text messaging, is not permitted in class by Faculty Senate rule unless by instructor permission. 


Additional resources on the UNH Law (Concord) campus you may find helpful should you encounter difficult challenges are:  

JD students may work individually with the Academic Success Program to develop and practice those skills necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in law practice:

UNH Law Students may seek additional assistance from the Office of the Assistant Dean for Students for academic, personal, or other matters:


UNH Law Expectations of Classroom Behavior: UNH Law expects all students to strictly adhere to the attendance policy and conduct themselves professionally in and out of the classroom. 


With best wishes,  




John T. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. P. T. Vasudevan, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice Provost for Student Life Senior Vice Provost for  
and Dean of Students   Academic Affairs







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