UNH Manchester 504

Connecting a laptop or portable device with USB-C or wireless with AirMedia:

This room is equipped with an AV system capable of presenting from a laptop or portable device.


  • Make sure your device is powered on and awake.
  • Connect your device using the supplied USB-C cable or select AirMedia and enter URL displayed to begin the process.
  • If your device requires a display adapter, connect adapter to cable first, then connect adapter to your device.
  • If necessary, select your desired source on the AV Touch Panel.
Connections Available:
USB-C AirMedia


Classroom Training, Laptop Tips, and Advanced Troubleshooting


AV Training Documentation including Cameras and Microphone selections:

Laptop Ready Classroom Training

Laptop tips and troubleshooting:

Click here to view our Laptop Troubleshooting Knowledge Base Article

Need AV/IT assistance or want to schedule an AV training session?


Visit us online at: Manchester AV Support or call 603-641-4357 (603-641-HELP)

Room Specifications


Capacity: 16

Equipment List

AirMedia Wireless Presentation
Sound System
Touch Panel Control System
USB-C Connections
Video/Data Projector