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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

Special University Programs

International Affairs (dual major) (IA)

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Lecturer: Biniam Iyob

The Center for International Education offers undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a dual major in international affairs.  The dual major requires completion of the interdisciplinary international affairs program and any other major.  The purpose of the program is to expand students’ global horizons, enhance their disciplinary major, and expand their career opportunities into the international arena.  For students who matriculated into UNH prior to fall semester 2010, please refer to the undergraduate catalog of your year of matriculation.

Required Core Courses (4 total)
IA 401, International Perspectives: Science, Geography, and Politics
IA 501, Global Issues in International Affairs
IA 701, Seminar in International Affairs
ECON 401A, Principles of Economics (Macro) or  ECON 402A, Principles of Economics (Micro)

Electives (3 total)
Choose one elective course from each category below.
Foreign Area (to be taken prior to foreign experience)
Science, technology, and the private sector
Policy and Theory in international affairs

Competency in a Foreign Language
Functional reading, writing, and speaking ability equivalent to the third-year, second-semester level

Foreign Experience
Minimum of eight weeks in a non-English speaking country

The courses in the dual major program are multidisciplinary, taught by faculty from many different departments in the University. They are designed to help students appreciate the complex interrelationships and interdependencies among nations and peoples and to equip students with the analytical skills and broad perspectives necessary for both public and private sector international careers.

Students who wish to declare international affairs must earn a C or better in IA 401, have declared (or be prepared to declare) a disciplinary major, and have a 2.5 cumulative grade-point average. After declaration, students are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 grade-point average, which is also the minimum required for study abroad at UNH.

IA 401, a prerequisite for IA 501, should be taken no later than spring of the sophomore year. IA 501 should be taken prior to foreign experience. 

The foreign experience (usually completed during the junior year),  and the foreign language requirement are completed before taking IA 701 in the senior year. To acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience that come from residence in a foreign culture, students may spend an academic year, semester, or summer in an academic institution, in an internship with a private or public organization, or in purposeful travel/research. All foreign experiences must be pre-approved by the IA major adviser or the University Committee on International Studies.

The completion of the dual major requires no additional credits for graduation beyond the 128 required of all UNH students. All coursework required for international affairs must be completed with a grade of C or better. For information, contact the Center for International Education, Hood House, (603) 862-2398,

* The Department of Civil Engineering has worked with the UNH Center for International Education to develop a dual-major program in civil engineering and international affairs. Civil engineering students participating in this program develop a proficiency in a foreign language and spend at least one semester studying abroad in that language. Students can complete this program in five years or less and do not need to have existing skills in a foreign language to participate. For more information, contact Ray Cook at (603) 862-1411 or by e-mail to


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