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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

Special University Programs

Gerontology (GERO)

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The gerontology interdisciplinary minor provides students with the opportunity to examine and evaluate the aging process as it affects the individual and society. Through in-depth inquiry, personal encounters, and classroom discussion, students develop an understanding of aging from a variety of perspectives. Students are encouraged to analyze the historical and philosophical foundations from which policies, programs, and professional activities affecting the aged are developed, implemented, and evaluated.

Gerontology minors are required to take a minimum of 20 credits (five courses) from the following approved list.
GERO 600, Introduction to Gerontology
GERO 795, Independent Study (a practicum arranged by the coordinator of the minor, or by the appropriate designee)
FS 525, Human Development
KIN 607, Biology of Aging
NURS 535, Death and Dying
OT 501, Developmental Tasks of Adulthood
PSYC 582, Adult Development and Aging
PSYC 741, Cognitive Aging
SW 525, Introduction to Social Welfare Policy
SW 550, Human Behavior and Social Environment I
SW 701, Women and Aging

Students who wish to minor in gerontology should consult the College of Health and Human Services Dean’s Office.

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