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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Wildlife and Conservation Biology


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Professor: Kimberly J. Babbitt, John A. Litvaitis, Peter J. Pekins
Extension Associate Professor: Matthew D. Tarr

The curriculum is for students interested in the ecology, conservation, and management of wildlife resource. It is designed to provide a knowledge of wildlife species and their various forest, field, and wetland habitats, related policy and law, and ultimately their management and conservation. Students are prepared for employment with public and private agencies in wildlife conservation and management, or for continued study at the graduate level.

Fieldwork is carried out during the academic year on local and regional wildlife populations. Majors are assisted and encouraged to obtain summer employment related to wildlife and natural resources.

Freshman Year
BIOL 411, Principles of Biology I
BIOL 412, Principles of Biology II
ENGL 401, First Year Writing
MATH 424B, Calculus for Life Sciences, or MATH 420, Finite Mathematics
NR 400, Professional Perspectives in Natural Resources
NR 401, Introduction to Natural Resources
NR 425, Field Dendrology
NR 433, Wildlife Ecology
Elective, Physical science Discovery course or other Discovery elective

Sophomore Year
BIOL 528, Applied Biostatistics I
CHEM 403, General Chemistry
CHEM 404, General Chemistry
ENGL 501, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction, or ENGL 502, Technical Writing, or ENGL 503, Persuasive Writing
EREC 411, Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives
NR 527, Forest Ecology, or BIOL 541, General Ecology
NR 658, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
ZOOL 542,  or elective

Junior Year
NR 602, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
NR 615, Wildlife Habitats
NR 640, Wildlife Population Ecology
NR 655, Vertebrate Biology
NR 741, Demographic Methods in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Ecology
ZOOL 625, Principles of Animal Physiology
ZOOL 690, Evolution, or  NR 664, Conservation Genetics
ZOOL 710, Ichthyology, or ZOOL 713, Animal Behavior
ZOOL 733, Behavioral Ecology, or ZOOL 772, Fisheries Biology, or ZOOL 712, Mammalogy

Senior Year
NR 729, Silviculture or  NR 711, Wetland Ecology and Management, or ZOOL 717, Lake Ecology
NR 738, Wildlife Policy and Management (Capstone)
NR 740, Inventory and Monitoring of Ecological Communities

One capstone experience, supervised and approved within the major, is required of all seniors.  The capstone explores areas of interest based on the integration of prior learning.  The capstone requirement may be satisfied through a course (NR 738), created work or product, or some form of experiential learning (e.g., honors theses, mentored research projects, and other special student activities).  Departments are responsible for certifying that graduating seniors have met the capstone requirement for their majors.

Electives should be used to satisfy remaining Discovery requirements and  major requirements in the areas of communication skills and physical sciences, one course in each area. Pertinent courses are listed in the detailed curricular guidelines from the department.
Students interested in the wildlife and conservation biology  major may consult with the program coordinator, Peter Pekins, (603) 862-1017.

General Science Certification
See Department of Education and COLSA/Degrees.

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