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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Water Resources Management

Students in biology, environmental conservation studies, forestry, plant biology, wildlife and conservation biology, environmental engineering, environmental and resource economics, community and environmental planning, and related fields should consider a minor in water resources management. There is a strong demand among consulting firms, state and federal agencies, and not-for-profit organizations for persons with knowledge and experience relevant to water resource management.

1.    NR 504, Freshwater Resources
2.    NR 703, Watershed Water Quality Management
3.    ESCI 705, Principles of Hydrology

Choose from the list below or from category three above for eight additional credits:
NR 658, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
NR 711, Wetland  Ecology and Management
NR 716, Wetland Delineation
NR 719, Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
NR 751, Aquatic Ecosystems
NR 760, Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources
NR 542, Forestland Measurement and Mapping
ESCI 710, Groundwater Hydrology
ZOOL 708, Steam Ecology
ZOOL 717,  Lake Ecology

For additional information, contact William McDowell, Department of Natural Resources, (603) 862-2249.