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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Liberal Arts


Cinema Studies Minor

The minor in cinema studies offers a variety of opportunities to study a predominant contemporary form of narrative, aesthetic, and social discourse: the moving photographic image. Film is the primary medium of study for the minor, but the cinematic practices of video and television also may be included as potential areas of interest. Courses consist of interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of cinema, covering works from the silent period to the present, from the U.S. and other nations, and from “mainstream” and “alternative” groups. Students learn the art, geography, history, technology, economics, and theory of cinema, while also learning the language for analyzing its forms and practices. The minor allows for organized and meaningful study of the moving photographic image, from a wide range of scholarly interests and approaches that complement the increasingly significant place of cinema in many major disciplines and other programs. Students in this program become keenly aware of themselves as members of a culture of the moving photographic image.

Cinema studies students are required to take five courses. Students must earn at least a C- in each course and maintain a 2.0 grade-point average in courses taken for the minor. “Double counting” of minor course credits with major course credits will be left to the discretion of existing major departments, with the exception that no more than eight credits, if approved, will “double count.” Courses in cinema studies should be taken in the following sequence: first, one introductory course, ENGL 533, or CMN 550, followed by one history or theory of film course, LLC 540 or ENGL 618, followed by at least two of the more advanced and/or focused courses, and one of the elective courses.

Interested students should contact the Cinema minor coordinator, Matt Konzett, Department of English,, (603) 862-0261.

Introductory Course (one required)
ENGL 533, Introduction to Film Studies
CMN 550, Cinema and Society

History and Theory of Film (one required)

LLC 540, History of Film
ENGL 618, Film Theory

Advanced and/or Focused Courses (two required)

CMN 650, Critical Perspectives on Film
ENGL 616 A, Studies in Film: Genre
ENGL 616 B, Studies in Film: Authorship
ENGL 616 C, Studies in Film: Culture and Ideology
ENGL 616 D, Studies in Film: Narrative and Style
ENGL 733, Special Studies in Film
GERM 523, Women and German Film
GERM 524, Special Topics in German Film
ITAL 525, Italian Cinema
LLC 440, Cultural Approaches to Film and Fascism
RUSS 426, Film and Communism
SOC 670, Sociology and Nonfiction Film

Elective Courses (one required)
Electives are drawn from an approved list of courses for the minor, which is compiled and announced every semester. Students also may choose from the advanced and/or focused courses. Elective courses have a significant cinema studies component and may have another disciplinary focus as well. Contributing departments and/or programs include: American studies, anthropology, arts, communication, English, French, geography, German, history, humanities, Italian, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, Russian, sociology, Spanish, theatre and dance, and women’s studies. Students should check with the cinema minor coordinator each semester for approval of the elective.