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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Liberal Arts


Linguistics and TESOL Minors

Linguistics is the study of one of the most important characteristics of human beings—language. It cuts across the boundaries between the sciences and the humanities. This interdisciplinary minor consists of any five linguistics courses approved by the coordinator of the linguistics program. It is highly recommended that English 405 or Linguistics 405 (or 505), Introduction to Linguistics, be one of the five.

For more information about the Linguistics minor, please contact  Rochelle Lieber,, 862-3964.

A minor in TESOL also is available. The TESOL minor is a set of courses that are related to teaching English to speakers of other languages. This minor primarily is for students who are interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages, but it is also appropriate for students who are going into social work or other professions that require regular interaction with nonnative English speakers. 

The TESOL minor will not certify students to teach in NH public schools (K-12). For that purpose, students need to complete the ESL certification program that is offered at the graduate level by the education and English departments. However, the coursework in this minor will provide a very good start for students who want to later pursue ESL certification or an M.A. in TESOL at UNH or another institution.

The TESOL minor requires the following five courses (See course descriptions at

ENGL 715, TESL Theory and Methods
ENGL 716, Curriculum, Materials, and Assessment in ESL

One course on the structure of English:
ENGL 791, English Grammar; or
ENGL/LING 405, Introduction to Linguistics

Two electives from the list of approved TESOL electives:
COMM 522 Acquisition of Language
ENGL 791 or ENG/LING 405, whichever was not taken before
ENGL/LING 719, Sociolinguistics Survey
ENGL 727, Issues in Second Language Writing (WI)
ENGL 752, History of the English Language (WI)
ENGL/LING 790, Special Topics in Linguistics (when offered on a TESOL-related topic) (WI)
LLC 791, Methods of Foreign Language Teaching
Special topics courses that are related to TESOL

(The TESOL coordinator can provide you with a list of available courses for a particular semester.)

Students must receive a C- or better in each course and achieve a 2.0 GPA in the five courses.

No more than eight transfer credits will be accepted.

For more information about the TESOL minor, please contact  Mary Clark,, 862-3714.