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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Liberal Arts


European Cultural Studies Minor

European cultural studies is an interdisciplinary minor (interdisciplinary major also available) in which students study the field of cultural analysis through an individually designed focus on a European topic. The ECS major and minor are driven in part by the belief that language is an integral part of culture and not merely a tool for the study of its literature. By the same token, the study of European history, philosophy, politics, and so forth can only be enriched by the addition of critical perspectives developed in language and literature study.

The minor in ECS consists of 20 credits: ECS 500, 504 level in a European language, two foundation courses (see below), and one elective.

Foundation Courses

The foundation requirement is designed to give students an introduction to European languages; European social and political institutions; and the European arts and humanities. Each student must take two such courses (eight credits).

1.  Languages
504 or equivalent (intermediate level) in a European language, or
an approved alternative

2.  Arts / Humanities or Social Sciences (one course from the following):
ARTS 580 or 581, Survey of Art History
ENGL 651 or 652, Comparative Literatures when inclusive of European literatures
HUMA 501, 502, 503 (when focused on European topics)
MUSI 402, Survey of Music History
ECON 630, Comparative Study of Economic Systems
HIST 435 or 436, Western Civilization
HIST 565, Women in European History
HIST 650, European Socialism
HIST 656, 20th Century Europe
POLT 550, Major Foreign Governments
POLT 552, Contemporary European Politics

For more information on the ECS minor, contact Carmen Rasilla, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Murkland G10D, (603) 862-3126,