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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

College of Liberal Arts


Humanities Minor

The humanities minor studies the fundamental questions and issues of human civilization. (Interdisciplinary major in humanities is also available. For a more complete description of the humanities program, see Humanities.) The minor consists of a minimum of 20 credits of academic work (five courses), with a minimum grade of C from the following courses:

Two courses from the 510/511/512/513/514/515 sequence:
HUMA 510, The Ancient World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 511, The Medieval World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 512, Renaissance and Early Modern: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 513, The Modern World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 514, The Twentieth Century, Part I: 1900-1945
HUMA 515, The Twentieth Century, Part II: 1945-1999

Two other Humanities Program courses, one of which should be at the 600-level:
HUMA 401, Introduction to the Humanities (theme varies)
HUMA 444, Idea of University
HUMA 500, Critical Methods in the Humanities
HUMA 592, Special Topics (theme varies)
HUMA 607, The American Character: Religion in American Life and Thought
HUMA 608, Arts and American Society: Women Writers and Artists, 1850-Present
HUMA 609, Ethnicity in America: The Black Experience in the Twentieth Century
HUMA 610, Regional Studies in America: New England Culture in Changing Times
HUMA 650, Humanities and the Law
HUMA 651, Humanities and Science
HUMA 730, Special Studies in the Humanities
HUMA 700, Seminar in the Humanities